Tanasha Kando! Sanaipei And Nadia Go Head To Head

Who is the best?

By  | Dec 30, 2020, 10:19 AM  | Top of The

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We have seen the best talents and the best songs this year. Apart from the men, the women in the music industry are carrying the crown. The queens are not afraid of any challenge and have shown off their prowess. 
Two of the best female singers are Sanaipei Tande and Nadia Mukami. These tow are no doubt fan favourites and very talented.
Early this year, they both realeased a song dubbed Wangu. Two powerful women in a song is a definate banger! This song is the Kenyan version of That Boy Is Mine. 
The two songstress did so well with the vocals and the story line, ita keeps you glued to the video. 
With over 5 million views, the ladies brought their sexy and sass to the song proving that two alpha females get the job right and done.
Sanaipei also had another banger with Otile Brown. The song Aiyana has over 6 million views on YouTube. The vocals of the two Swahili artists are so on point and well chord progressed. The chemistry between Sanaipei and Otile is magnetic. They would fool anyone into believing they are a true couple.

The song is a love ballad that will definitely stand the test of time to become one of the best songs of 2020. 
Sanaipei always gives her all in any song she does. Though she may be underrated Tande knows how to write good songs. Nadia on the other hand is a new talent who is giving the likes of Tanasha a run for their money.
We shared a poll with you and it seems, the two ladies have love from the fans in equal measure. While most applauded Sanaipei’s voice, maturity and music, others felt Nadia overshadows her as she is the new younger version. 

Sanaipei is multi-talented, she can act, sing, write scripts and music and she id drop dead gorgeous. Nadia is sexy, a good vocalist and can write good music. 
It is not easy picking the best between this two. Who would you rather?
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