Tanasha Donna Gives Herself A New Name

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24 year old Tanasha Donna is not trying to be like anyone else. With a new found boss vibes, she now prefers to herself as the 'Don'

This is a name mostly associated with big bosses. 

The singer has been throwing gems on her social media, she made it known that she is not in it for fame, fortune or to be liked. 

Tanasha stated that she does what she does for the joy of it and to be at peace with her own self. In a recent post she wrote;

“What’s mine is mine just as what’s yours is yours. What works for me won’t work for you & vice versa. We are all uniquely & individually created by God. So we gotta trust His timing & let everything come organically. 🙏🏽😉 #DON.”
Tanasha has been compared to other female artists in the industry and she is not taking the comparison with delight. 

She was compared a lot with Nadia Mukami. The two songstresses did wonders last year by propelling their music careers to greater heights.

Tanasha has done a couple of collabos with Tanzanian artists, giving her a boost in the East African music community. She also adds some lingual prowess in her hits. She fuses English, Swahili and French. 

The mother of one and Diamond’s ex is now fully focused. In another post, Tanasha muses about clout chasing online, fake online friends and seeking validation via Instagram likes and comments.

"I used to do it for the likes, or ttahe views, or the validation... Till I realized likes doesn’t mean I’m actually liked, views DON’T pay & the only validation I need is God’s. #onmyownlane 🌍🧚🏽‍♀️🙏🏽"
To begin 2021, Tanasha has been shedding a lot of her old self and bringing forth a new side of her we've never seen before.
 First, she showed love and gratitude to ex Diamond with a touching statement thanking Chibu for believing in her. This was after her song Gere was named in the top 10 most popular African songs on YouTube.

Tanasha's new song Kalypso has taken off beyond our borders and has turned Tanasha an international star. The wild success of the song featuring rapper Khaligraph Jones has even birthed a new viral challenge.

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