Tanasha Donna's Parents-Those Who Gave Diamond Their Platinum?

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Tanasha Donna's parents gave birth to the brazen lass on the 7th of July 1995. The stunning lass was born in England, but she later moved to Kenya at the age of 2 years. 

When she was still a small baby, Tanasha’s parents moved with her to Kenya. She spent her childhood here and was schooled in Nairobi. 

Tanasha is one of the few half cast celebrities we have in Kenya, her father is Italian and her mother is a Luo. Her full name Tanasha Donna Barbieri Oketch bares hints of both cultures.

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Tanasha spent her early childhood years in Kenya before relocating to Europe where she explored the wonders of her childhood development through her teenage years well into her twenties.

A few years later Tanasha Donna's parents flew to Belgium to watch their daughter graduate with a Degree in Tourism Management. In addition to being well educated, the personality speaks several languages, including Swahili, English, Dutch, French, and Spanish.
In addition to these, she participated in beauty pageants such as Miss African Belgium among other opportunities that came her way. However, none of these opportunities measured up to her desire to make it back here in Kenya, a place she proudly calls home. 

Her love for Kenya, brought her back, probably via KQ or the ‘dream airways,’ whichever it was, it is undeniably true, that Tanasha Donna has her heart vested back home and a curious eye for entertainment, fashion, modelling, and entrepreneurship.

Tanasha Donna's parents raised her in a Christian household but she later converted to Islam while dating Diamond. She changed her name to Aisha in accordance with Islam customs.

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During their short but sweet love affair, Tanasha had a son with Diamond Platnumz and they named their baby boy Naseeb Jr.

A guy only known as Mwajiku has openly claimed to be the father of Tanasha Donna's kid, Naseeb Junior. Apparently, he was a radio host who was moving around spreading the word to everyone who would listen. 

Diamond and Tanasha broke up sometime in April 2020 after dating for almost a year and released the hit song Gere. 

The former NRG Radio presenter confirmed the news through her Instagram account soon after unfollowing the singer and his family.

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Dating East Africa's most successful musician can come with sleepless nights. It is a bitter-sweet encounter for Tanasha because even though her relationship did not blossom, she came out of it stronger and with a large fan base.

Tanasha Donna's parents are super proud of their daughter who is among Kenya’s ever-rising, video vixen, probably at the top of the game, and has appeared in Alikiba ft Christian Bella’s Nagharamia collabo.

Tanasha’s entrepreneurial side is well projected through her beauty product brand, ‘For Her Luxury Hair,’ which deals with high quality and affordable hair.

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All these pieced together, coupled with her role in NRG radio and her future singing and acting aspirations speak about her entertainment side.

Tanasha Donna knew she wanted to do music after completing her Tourism degree. She recorded her first single with Nviiri the Storyteller which did not quite blow up.

It was thereafter that she went on to appear in the ‘Nagharamia’Cc video with all Alikiba and Christian Bella which had people paying attention to her.
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