Tanasha Donna's Make-Up Free Face That Is Worth A Million Dollars

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She is talented, beautiful and one of the best moms out there. Tanasha Donna is doing it all. With everything thrown at her, from a public breakup with her ex Diamond, to first-time motherhood, to a pandemic lockdown, she's gone through it all with characteristic Tanasha poise and grace. It's probably why she has become a fan favourite.

The mother of one and Diamond’s ex-girlfriend is the envy of many. From being light skin, to downing the best outfits and her different hairstyles that give other ladies hair goal.

Tanasha’s sense of style is very edgy. In her music videos she appears elegant, sporty, fierce and dope. 
Recently she shared some clips of her bare face. Tanasha was in the salon getting her hair done and she decided to share the video of her with no make up on, not even lip gloss.
The beauty that is Tanasha is undeniable. Her face with no make-up is so flawless, so perfect. She has great skin, great bone structure and the most beautiful eyes.

This lady is making waves as the Rihanna of Kenya. She has mad skills when it comes to business, great style, beauty of the angels and can rock any hairstyle with no flaws.

Her looks got her some recognition on the streets. Her face has been painted all over. The mother of one has some dopeness in her that cannot be copied.

Last year was a great year for her musically as well. She had two very successful songs. The first one was with her then boy friend Diamond Platinumz. The song dubbed Gere was so huge it catapulted Donna to regional star status. Gere has 21 million views on YouTube. These songs put Tanasha on the map and she is intending on staying relevant.

Her other song with Masauti caller Liar did relatively well gaining 2 million views. She also showed her lingual skills in her song La Vie with Tanzanian crooner Mboso. The song has over 10 million views and is still making mad waves online.

Tanasha is the girl to beat, she goes big, she is humble, she is beautiful inside and out and she is taking on challenges.

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