Tanasha Donna Biography: Should Diamond Be Thanked For Her Success?

She's the boss lady that everybody admires.

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Tanasha Donna-Kenyan Singer
Tanasha Donna is a musician and entrepreneur who is one of Kenya's most influential celebrities. She has often demonstrated that she works hard to preserve her opulent lifestyle. Her most publicized relationship was when she was dating Diamond Platnumz

She has been romantically linked to a number of men. When they were dating, the two frequently exchanged photos and were dubbed a power couple. She's also known for being a fashionista who is usually on point with her outfits.

Tanasha Age 

Tanasha was born on the 7th of July in the year 1995. She is a 26-year-old woman.

Tanasha Early Life

Tanasha Barbieri Donna Oketch is her full name. She was born to parents of African and European ancestry, with Kenyan, Luo, and Italian ancestors, respectively. She was born in Kenya and migrated to Belgium with her family when she was 11 years old.

Tanasha Education

When she was in Belgium, she studied tourism and was fluent in five languages. She also took advantage of any fashion or modeling opportunities that presented themselves.

Tanasha Relationships 

Tanasha had a son with Diamond Platnumz when they were in a relationship. Tanasha named their baby boy Naseeb Abdul Juma after his father, Diamond, when he was born. On October 2nd, 2019, he was born.

Unfortunately, the couple's romance did not last and they split up in 2020. Tanasha was rumored to be getting married four months after the break-up, with the dowry process already underway. Jamal Gaddafi of KTN was romantically linked to her.

Tanasha Career

Tanasha joined the NRG team in 2018 and co-hosts the station's mid-morning show with DJ Kace. She quickly rose through the ranks of the fast-growing radio station, eventually becoming the host of NRGCIRCLE, with Shaqtheyungin.

She launched her EP, 'Donatella,' in early 2020, and followed it up with the singles 'La Vie,' featuring Mbosso, and 'Nah Easy.' Tanasha and Masauti collaborated on "Liar," a track from Masauti's debut album "001." 

She also launched the Sawa, which became a huge smash right away. They launched the video 'Gere' with Diamond Platnumz, which was the party tune and was played on a variety of platforms.

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The star then went on to release a new single called "Na Wewe," which had a significant Tanzanian feel to it. Na Wewe is about black culture, black love, and, most importantly, black people, who have been a contentious topic for the better part of 2020.

Tanasha had a good year in 2020, demonstrating that she is an unstoppable force. She also stated that the year 2021 will be even better because she will be releasing her first album.

Tanasha Controversy

We all know that the majority of celebrities, male and female, consume alcohol. That's not surprising. Seeing a woman smoke, on the other hand, has never been well acceptable in Africa, and people are constantly irritated when they witness a lady puffing. Tanasha has been caught puffing on multiple occasions. 

Last year, the singer was forced to defend herself after being seen smoking in her video 'Nah Easy' when six months pregnant. She justified herself by claiming that the smoke on the video was not inhaled.

A guy only known as Mwajiku, has openly claimed to be the father of Tanasha Donna's kid, Naseeb Junior. He was apparently a radio host who was moving around spreading the word to everyone who would listen. 

He even gave a handful of interviews about it, claiming that he is the biological father of Naseeb, rather than Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platnumz, as we all know. Tanasha, on the other hand, stepped out to assure this man that he would be handed over to the authorities to deal with. She also mentioned that the individual in issue had been tormenting her on social media in the hopes of gaining power.

Tanasha Brand Endorsements

Tanasha's lucrative contract with Infinix mobile phone was renewed, and she was solely focused on advertising the company's flagship series for 2020/21, the ZERO 8.

Tanasha Cars and House

Tanasha is the type of girl that dedicates herself to her career and knows how to pull off major boss moves. Tanasha has shown that she is capable of being her own boss.

Tanasha, like Diamond, has heavily armed security accompanying her. She also has a large house, which can be a bit messy because she has a young infant.

Tanasha Philanthropy

She began donating to an Eastleigh children's home. With this move, she established the Tanasha Donna Community Service Foundation, which appears to be run by Jamal.

Tanasha Net Worth

In terms of her fortune, she has openly denied rumors that Diamond was the one who made her wealthy. She believes that she should be given credit for her accomplishment rather than having it attributed to Diamond.

Given her recent successes, all of which occurred after she left Diamond, it's safe to agree with her. Tanasha has endured the test of time and will be around for a long time to come.
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