Mama Dangote Still Loves Tanasha Donna

Singer has her heart

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Mama Dangote loves Tanasha Donna more compared to the other two Diamond Platnumz's baby mamas - Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto, according to findings by Kelebrity.

Kelebrity came up with proof showing that Diamond's mother does not only prefer Tanasha for her son but also loves her still.

Wants Diamond to get back with Tanasha

The first proof is the amount of energy Mama Dangote puts to see Diamond and Tanasha get back together.

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A few months ago, reports emerged that Mama Dangote was doing all she can to see Tanasha get back with her son.
Tanasha Donna. Photo: Instagram

The reports emerged after Mama Dangote shared a video of Diamond and his son Naseeb Junior(Tanasha's son) with a song that the singer wrote for his youngest baby.

The mother of three also shared a video of Naseeb Jr's baby shower where Diamond was singing to Tanasha when they were still lovers.

Her actions made fans start speculating that the lyrics of Diamond's song,  Baikoko are dedicated to Naseeb Jr and Mama Dangote posting the videos was trying to get Diamond and Tanasha back together.
If the speculations are true that she wants her back into her family, then that shows how much she trusts her with her son as well as loves her.

Use Tanasha's child as an indicator

Mama Dangote is using Tanasha's son, to show how much she loves her.

It's no secret Mama Dangote loves sharing pictures of her grandchildren on her social media but when it comes to Natasha's son, Naseeb Jr, she treats him differently.

While expressing her love for Tanasha's son, she constantly refers to him with names of her relatives or even tries to note how the child resembles her. She even refers to the young boy as Tom Kaka (Tom my brother).

In a recent post, she even claimed Naseeb Jr. inherited her diastema - the gap between her teeth.

"MIMI KAMA MIMI NAUONA MWANYA WA BI SANDRAH 💖," she captioned one of the photos of the young Naseeb.

If this is not an indicator that she loves Tanash Donna, then ask yourself why she does not post pictures or talk about Hamisa Mobetto's son more frequently as compared to her other grandchildren. Mama Dangote hates Hamisa with a passion that she can't even post her child on social media.

She has never demeaned her

Mama Dangote has always been involved in dramas involving her son and his baby mamas. There was a time she reportedly beat Hamisa after she found her spending time with Diamond. 

She also said to have blocked Zari from her social media pages.

Even though she has always had scandals with the baby mamas, it has never been reported that she had a problem with Tanasha Donna.
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