Look At How Tanasha's Kid Reacted After They Moved In To Their Brand New House

New house

By  | Sep 14, 2020, 10:09 AM  | Tanasha Donna  | Top of The

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Singer Tanasha Donna was recently on social media to flaunt her new house. 
According to the singer, she has just moved into the house and her son Naseeb Junior totally loves it.  Tanasha shared a clip having fun with Naseeb and sharing a warm laugh after moving into the exquisite place. The bathroom, so far, is her favorite place. 
Tanasha also went on to add that she has worked tirelessly to own the house, hinting that Diamond didn’t chip in. 
"@naseeb.junior Your laugh is infectious my son... 🥰😂 Glad you love your new home... Your momma works day & night to make sure you good & she’s only getting started.. trust me. 🌎 It’s never easy doing it alone, pressure is real, but so worth it & as long as I’m alive, You will never lack... I promise you. Alhamdulillah. 🙏🏽 Allah is on our side. #weblessed 🙏🏽🥰🧸❤️❤️". she said.

Photo: Instagram/Tanasha
She later posted on Naseeb Instagram account saying: “We just moved into our new home.... & You can tell it’s all happiness over here. 🏡❤️😄 Aunty @court_wendy got me laughing my lungs out. 😂🤣.”
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