Latest Photos Of Tanasha's Son Reminds Fans Of A Young Diamond

They are just twins

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Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz
Popular musician Tanasha Donna recently shared the latest photos of her and Diamond’s son Naseeb Junior and fans were taken aback by just how similar he looks to his father.

Tanasha shared a picture of herself alongside Naseeb as they ushered in the Holy Month of Ramadhan (Tanasha is a practicing Muslim) the star was clad in all black and had a headscarf on. Naseeb on the other hand was clas in athleisure wear looking just as stylish as his trendsetter father.

The comment section was full of fans giving their thoughts on what they think of her young star. Most comments, as earlier mentioned, noted that Naseeb was looking like a carbon copy of Diamond Platnumz and we think the fans and other celebrities alike had a point.

Even though the two look like twins, they have not always had the best relationship owing to his parents not getting along all the time due to relationship issues. Diamond once deleted all photos of his son with Tanasha Donna, from all his social media accounts.

The Bongo star opted to delete all photos of Naseeb Junior from his Instagram page but left photos of Hamisa's son and Zari's children.

According to Diamond, his move ain't a surprise as he has also deleted his other photos, and deleting Naseeb Junior's photos should not be a surprise.

"Nimefuta posti nyingi sana, ata ukiona posti za wasani. Picha zangu nyingi pia nimezifuta. Nimependa sana za show," he told reporters.
Diamond Platnumz carrying Naseeb Junior. Photo: Instagram

Despite his explanations, his move to delete photos of Tanasha's son has been linked with rumored bad blood between him and Tanasha. Diamond and Tanasha were said to have been having troubles of late.

At the time, Tanasha had taken to her social media page a few weeks ago to advise her son not to follow in Diamond's footsteps. Her advice was likely to mean she was not on good terms with her baby daddy, Diamond. 

This is due to the fact that every parent would wish her children to follow in the footsteps of one of their parents more so if the parent is as successful as Diamond.

On the contrary, Tanasha who has been posting emotions-related messages on her social media pages of late, asked her son, Naseeb Junior, to make his own path and nobody else's.
Tanasha Donna. Photo: Instagram

"Mommy loves you to bits @naseeb.junior. May Allah bless your way & may you grow to be wise son... & May you always make & follow your own path. My superstar. Born to shine," Tanasha told her son.

In another post, the Kenyan songbird noted that everyone has a different way of perceiving happiness hence everybody should follow their own path.

"Everyone has a different idea of happiness. Follow your own path, not someone else's," Tanasha said.

Tanasha's messages of being independent come a year and some months after she broke up with Diamond.
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