Here’s The Reason Why Zuchu Beats Tanasha

She wins the battle...

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Tanasha Donna was with Diamond for two good years. She even converted to Islam, got a son with him - Naseeb Junior - and released a hit song with him. Once they broke up, Zuchu came in and started getting all the attention.

In fact, just recently, Zuchu and Diamond made headlines after they publicly declared their love for each other. Even though Diamond plans to leave wealth for Naseeb and even spend time with Tanasha, there is a big reason why Zuchu is the best.

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For one, Tanasha focused so much on being a public figure, a celeb than grabbing the chance and making a lot of music. She may be planning to collaborate with Shenseea, but still, she relaxed too much while dating Diamond.

You know why? Zuchu came much later, but she has instantly become a success. She even has more YouTube subscribers than Tanasha, who had the chance long ago.

As of yesterday, Zuchu had 555k subscribers on YouTube. While Tanasha had 239k subscribers.

Here’s proof:

Many may have a lot of arguments on this, but the fact remains that Tanasha played herself. What do you guys think?

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