Tanasha And Diamond's Mom Share A Special Moment

Second chances

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Diamond’s mother is on a mission to reunite Tanasha and Diamond. Last year, after Diamond and his third baby mama Tanasha Donna broke up, Sandra and her daughter Esma would do anything to annoy her. She is now singing a different tune.

Mama Dangote has always referred to Diamond’s only daughter with Zari, Princess Tiffah as her twin.

She is now however changing her mind. She is now showing love to Naseeb junior – Diamond and Tanasha’s son

She posted a video of the cute boy with the caption;

‘Mwaanya kama wa bi sandrah….ukisikia copy ndio hii sasa..’
Mama Dangote is known for frustrating his daughter’s in-laws and doing things just to make them feel worthless. She and Esma – Diamond’s sister attack the ladies after they break up with Diamond. Zari and Tanasha got the worst of it. But it seems she is now warming up to Tanasha.

Mama Dangote who revealed that Mzee Abdul is not Diamond’s father shared that he never helped her in raising the singer. Mama Dangote confirmed this, saying she met Mzee Abdul while pregnant with Diamond. She insisted she told him of her pregnancy and Abdul said he would not be the father of the child.

Apart from being the queen mother of drama in Diamond’s life, Mama Dangote is also a cougar. She landed herself a hot young man as her husband.

Diamond’s mother is reportedly married to a younger man! While she was in Paris, she met the man in the airport while collecting her baggage. Over time, the two got to know each other and eventually fell in love. The man, in his 30s, married Diamond’s mother, in her 50s. He goes by the name Uncle Shamste and shares insights about Diamond’s mom. He says she feels really sad when people criticize her son on social media. She’s apparently blocked almost 20,000 people online!

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