Diamond Re-gifts Tanasha Her Super Expensive Birthday Gift

Pulling all the stops

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Tanasha Donna is one clever lady. She plays her cards close to her chest. She knows just how to treat her baby daddy into submission.
When Tanasha and Diamond broke up last year, she left all the material gifts in Tanazania. One of those, was her Prado TX gifted to her by Diamond on her birthday.
Many would have expected Diamond Platnumz to have sold this car; but it turns out that he kept it for her and now that Tanasha is in Bongo, this is the car she has been rolling around in.
This is clear evidence that Diamond still has feelings for Tanasha. She proved this with several photos of her seated on the drivers seat; and in another photo Tanasha is seen with her main man, NJ just chilling!
Over the weekend the ex-couple were performing at a Wasafi event and they shared the stage to perform their hit Gere.
The had such a magnetic performance and their body language led many to believe they will be ending up back together. 
The mother of one was attacked and ridiculed when Diamond snubbed her when she tried to kiss him. Tanasha and Diamond were at a concert performing their hit Gere when Tanasha saw an opportunity to land a smooch but Diamond blocked it.
She responded to the trolls in her own classy way. 
Diamond shared a video of him and his son Naseeb junior on January 24th, many thought Tanasha was staying at a hotel or she just sent Naseeb alone to Tanzania, but it turns out she is in Diamond’s house.
This all shows just how much respect Diamond has for his third baby mama. He loves her still and according to his close friends, he wanted to marry her before things went south. 
Tanasha and Diamond make a very good couple, they both have great fashion sense, they compliment each other perfectly musically and bring forth the best genes, case and point their son Naseeb junior.

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