"Talk About LGBTQ S*x With Your Children"

Kaz has a message to parents

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Kaz has been that girl on the media that lives her life so out loud and proud often been painted in the wrong light many, many times. A lesbian with four partners, she's just about as radical as anyone could be in this country, ending up being painted as the resident bad girl in the country,
Well, today Kaz had a message to share with parents.

Kaz believes that parents should not just talk openly and frequently to their children bout s*x, there should put in discussions about sexuality while talking to their children because it might help immensely with relating to them.
Kaz had announced the incoming discussion on her instgram before she went on a live chat yesterday evening.
Even though she is a childless woman (by choice), she does not shy away from topics that would be considered controversial or 'not in her place' and instead is open to hearing from others who are in said position and choose to share their experiences.
The live, which was with a woman who was a big fan and an avid follower Kaz, was a parent herself, and the live was filled with parents who may have had questions about their children and how to approach the topic (oddly enough this is still a sort of taboo topic that many parents do not address with their children.) which was an impressive sight to see.
The live, with was originally meant to be Kaz addressing the crowd, ended up being a tagged chat with the lady. Kaz and the woman chatted away about the topics that seemed to affect her as a parent who had a daughter that was soo turning 10 and was finding herself in the midst of attempting to explain everything to do with sexuality and creating a safe space around the discussion.

The woman, who was a lesbian herself, admitted to having a different approach to the topic given that she was raising her young daughter with another 'mum' and her father had never really been in the picture in the first place, even releasing that the main reason why the two were not together was that he was physically violent.
Upon hearing this, Kaz raised the topic of queerness and sexuality because, for peer parents, it seemed to be a different discussion altogether. They shared laughs with the woman admitting that she was disappointed that her daughter was in fact straight when queried.
Getting to know her daughter, she also expressed how she found it difficult to bring her child to a school where she was not the only one without a dad, but the only one that had two moms!

Kaz took this opportunity to discuss the importance of the s*x talk with your children because, well, there are different ways to go about it given the difference e in experience and ways to go about it!
A welcome change to the traditional method of ignoring it completely,no? 
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