Snoop Dogg Introduces Stivo Simple Boy

Stivo's debut on international stage

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A meme on Kenyan inspirational singer Stivo Simple Boy that has been doing rounds on social media made it on American hip hop legend Snoop Dogg's Instagram.

The meme is Stivo's head attached to a woman's body. Kenyans were offended by the meme and camped on Snoop's IG where they complained why he would post that.

But the Gin N Juice hitmaker did not delete the meme and Stivo seems to have a good sense of humour as he later shared the post on his Instagram.

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Last year American comedian Roland Powell alias Lil Duval is in trouble with Kenyans for a joke on Stivo that went south. Duval shared a picture of Kenyan rapper Stivo Simple Boy with a comment that appears to be trolling the Tuheshimu Ndoa hitmaker. 

In the post, Lil Duval compared Stivo Simple Boy’s face to that of a black smiley face emoji. “If 🌚 was a person,” wrote Lil Duval alongside Stivo Simple Boy’s photo on Instagram.

The same year a lady who trolled Stivo Simple Boy’s looks has issued an apology after netizens trolled her for ‘bleaching’ her skin. Bosibori has been trending for a couple of days and she has finally come out to apologise to the artiste. She stated that she has broken down as a result of the constant trolling, adding that she has often felt bad for being black.

“I am human, I have my insecurities and every girl has. Yes, this is me when I was vulnerable and really needed help. And I am thankful that this changed my life. And I am very thankful to Esther Passaris (Nairobi Woman Rep). At some point, I couldn’t afford to pay rent myself and this is no lie I sought help to get accommodated and work on the least which turned out to be unsuccessful. I pulled myself by the bootstrap and hustled to where I am,” she said.

“I may be black, my skin may not be as beautiful and I have my own insecurities It’s not fun using makeup and filters I have always felt bad for being black, getting teased from childhood always made me feel insecure. Honestly, this experience has made me learn a lot and I’m writing this sincerely apologize if I have ever hurt anyone on this app. This was my worst moments and honestly, trolls do affect real life.”

KOT were divided on the subject with some saying she had brought these troubles upon herself with her distasteful remarks. Stivo Simple Boy first rose to fame after his interview with Tuko where the prevalent phrase was born. 

He went on to release multiple songs including the ''Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati" jam that made him a household name. In an interview with a local daily Stivo said music is his main hustle but he does other things on the side to make ends meet. “I’m currently doing music full time but on the side, I sell t-shirts and hats. Also when someone is having a birthday and they request me to sing for them I do so at a fee."
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