“You Are Mad” Kenyan Gay Man With Big Buttocks Advises Size 8

Wuueh...where did this come from?

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Well, everyone had to say something about the fact that Size 8 got cheated on by DJ Mo. To add salt to the injury, the side chick revealed that he said the most horrible things about her.

Well a publicly gay guy by the IG handle @_mpenzi, who by the way is friends with DJ Mo’s side chick has given his two cents on the matter. He thinks that Size 8 and her pastor are crazy. 

“Some of y’all married women are praying and fasting for your husband to stop cheating. You and your spiritual father that gave you this advice are all mad,” he said.

The guy is notorious for his sense of fashion, occasionally posting photos of his buttocks and thighs; it’s safe to say that he can give Kenyan socialites a run for their money. If someone took his photos and photoshopped a face to it, many Kenyan members of team mafisi would fall for it.

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Well, seems like this whole issue has rubbed people the wrong way. Betty Bayo had to say the most unexpected thing about cheating, and we reported that too. 

"Size 8 am soo proud of you💑💑💑💑💑 ..fight for your marriage  cheating is a minor offence.. if I ever get  in a marriage worth fighting for I will. ....On my knees I will fight for it... .. il proof to all of you marriage works.. .... And for  those telling me to go back to my past .. don't you think I know the way ..  What about if we both agree to disagree ..  ..#hinjio ni maku #amsingleonfacebookonly," she said on her Facebook page.
Many feel that she is clout chasing. As for @_mpenzi, we do not know what was on his mind when he said that Size 8 is crazy. Here are some of his photos:

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