Size 8 Speaks For The First Time After Losing Baby


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If there is a strong woman, it has to be Size 8. Losing two kids is not a joke. But still here she is, looking stronger than ever. It has been a week since he lost her fourth baby and she is back like she never left. Size 8 took it to Instagram to thank her fans for all their prayers and God for life and strength. She shared a video of her, her kids, and Dj Mo who was driving while Ladasha had these endless questions and they all seemed happy.
It is barely a month but Size 8 is showing the strength that I have never seen on anyone. She is talking, laughing, and on social media? That is such a huge step and progress and we hope we will get to see more of her again. As she shared the video where she announced that her baby didn’t make it she said something really powerful. It was sad that she lost her unborn baby but she was going to remain strong for her family and for sure, she did. She revealed that she was just grateful for life even though the one that was growing inside her couldn't make it. 

I am just grateful to be alive. I am so grateful for life and that is the reason I am remaining positive. Because I have life, and Wambo a d Junior and my husband who has been around and I have the opportunity to spread the word of Jess Christ.
Size 8 has always had it hard with her pregnancies, from the first one up to the last one. So when she announced that she was expecting baby number four, her followers thought that she had gone insane. The reason being, even with Ladasha, Size 8 had to go through so much. 

 Most people were shocked when we got baby number 3. They were like size 8 after everything you have been through with Ladasha. Wewe na Muraya mkapata mtoto mwengine? Even Ladasha. Ladasha’s was hectic, Junior was hectic. Second pregnancy I had a miscarriage. The third one, Myraya Junior was difficult. The fourth one we didn’t plan

For me, getting here is a miracle. I almost died several times because of this pregnancy. It does not matter whether you have Sh10 million or Sh1 million; if you do not have life, you cannot enjoy what you have. I used to feel a sharp pain as if oxygen was not getting into my brain and started convulsing. At some point, I started getting minor strokes where my left side was completely paralyzed. I remember being taken for MRI scans
We really salute Size 8 and most of all her hubby, Dj Mo who has always been there for her, there is none like him honestly. So many men have walked out of marriages but Dj Mo has been with Size 8 all through thick and thin and for that we celebrate him. May Size 8 find all the strength that she needs because we really need her.

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