Size 8 Biography: Just How Much Is She Willing To Curve?

After Crossing Over To The Gospel Genre, Her Successes Started Following

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Size 8 had an interest in music as a child, singing at church, school events, and later, after completing her secondary education, she began singing professionally.

After gaining experience in the industry, Size 8 settled on Gospel music as the genre she wanted to pursue.

Size 8 is a mother, a businesswoman, a vocalist, and an entertainment.

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Size 8 Life Documentary

In her latest life documentary, dubbed 'Dem Wa K-South,' she gave viewers a glance into her life tale. Her music career begins in the secular music industry under the stage name 'Linet,' before she breaks through with the blockbuster song 'Size 8,' which changes everything.

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Size 8  Age

In 1987, Linet Masiro was born on August 4th. She is a 34-year-old woman.

Size 8 Early Life 

Linet Masiro Munyali is Size 8's true name.

She was born and reared in Nairobi's Maringo Estate.

Size 8 is the youngest of seven children born to Samuel Kirui Munyali and Esther Njeri. Her father and mother are both clergy members.

In 2015, Size 8's mother, Esther Munyali, died of a renal disease a day after giving birth to her first daughter.

Size 8 Education

Size 8 completed her official education at Dr. Livingstone Primary School, where she was named class president in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). Size 8 was awarded a scholarship to State House Girls for her academic achievements.

She received another scholarship after State House Girls to complete her secondary education at the exclusive HillCrest High School, which is owned by veteran politician Kenneth Matiba.

She claimed in an interview that she never went to university due to a lack of financial resources.

“I never went to university because we did not have money for my fee but I was given a scholarship and I completed my form six at Hill Crest. After I finished my A-level my father told me that there was no money to take me to university and my brothers had to go to school.”

Size 8 Marriage

Size 8 is married to Sammy Muraya Junior, better known by his stage name DJ Mo, a well-known award-winning gospel producer, disk jockey, and entrepreneur.

They've been married since 2013, and their 7th wedding anniversary will be in 2020.

When Dj Mo met Size 8 through a mutual friend, the two became fast friends, and he soon became the gospel singer's mentor.

“She’s an exceptional person, and I remember even when she sang secular music; she always had this immense desire to be born again. She kept telling me that she loved God so much and that she wanted someone to help bring her closer to God. I become that person!”

The couple are blessed with two kids, a girl called Ladasha Belle Wambui born in 2015 and a boy, Sammy Muraya Junior born in 2019 who is named after his father.

Size 8 was alleged to have had a miscarriage before conceiving her last born child.

Size 8 took to social media to discuss the issues she had while pregnant.

“My baby is a miracle from God, a sign of his power in my life. My pregnancy was full of problems. I almost lost her several times to the enemy. The devil fought her so much. But God fought back for her. This is my testimony of God’s faithfulness in my life. Don’t be afraid in any and every situation God is powerful to give u victory. Hallelujah to our God…”

Size 8 Career

Clemo, a Kenyan producer and co-founder of Calif Records, where she auditioned locally, discovered Size 8.

Shamba Boy, Silali, and Vidonge were her first singles, all released in 2011.
After getting baptized in April 2013, Size 8 transitioned into the gospel music industry and released her first track, Mateke.

Moto, Yuko Na Wewe, Jemedari, and Afadhali Yesu are among Size 8's other singles.

Size 8 began acting as she was delving deeper into the gospel music genre. Size 8 said when she was with Ralingo that she aspired to be the first Kenyan musician to be both an actress and a singer.

"That was all planned by the way," Size 8 said of his appearances on television and in music. I want to be the first Kenyan musician to appear on national television at the same time. You turn on the television and see a 'Bonyeza Ushinde' commercial I did, then my music plays in a music show, then you see me acting and hosting a show on various occasions, and it was wonderful to see that work done so well."

Aside from her singing and acting, Kenyan power couple Size 8 and her hubby DJ Mo are preparing to give their fans a front-row seat into their lives with their new reality show, Dine with the Murayas, on the Nation Media Group's NTV.

Size 8 Brand Endorsements

Soft Care, a Kenyan skincare firm, has given Size 8 its endorsement. She is also the Kleesoft ambassador.

Asamoah Gyan is the brand ambassador for Kleesoft, a washing powder.

Size 8 Controversy 

When there were rumors that DJ Mo had been unfaithful, Size 8 and DJ Mo encountered some difficulties.

Size 8 issued a public statement rejecting the allegations before the story went viral.

"It isn't correct. My husband has never left our relationship. "Those are merely people's rumors," says the author.

Size 8 received backlash from fans after being included on Masterpiece's new song, High Bila Ndom, and began to question her music's direction.

After the song was released, fans expressed their dissatisfaction on her YouTube channel, claiming that while her music has always inspired and affected people, this one seemed like a joke and did not convey any important message.

Size 8 Net Worth 

Through her performances, bookings, acting, and other assets, Size 8 is reported to be worth over $300,000.

Size 8 has stated in interviews that she is not interested in the materialistic life because she has witnessed the other side of life as a middle or lower class person, and she wishes to utilize her money to assist society.

She aspires to give the good gospel of giving back in society and become a huge humanitarian in Kenya as a gospel musician who communicates the gospel via her songs and teachings.
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