She’s Coping With Her Depression By Posting Nudes

A depressed Amber Ray shares raunchy photos and video

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Amber Ray
Popular socialite Amber Ray is still mourning the death of her best friend, Sally Wangeci; who was popularly known as Empresal.

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She captioned the photo with a message to her fans noting that she was going to live her life like never before because when someone dies they are forgotten. 

The star went on posting explicit photos on her page. In her next post, she shared a picture of herself still in the bathtub, however, in this picture she was a bit more covered up. The star had some bubbles going in her bath so the picture wasn't as revealing as the previous one.

In the caption, she noted that she realised that she had to deal with her pain 
head-on instead of using coping mechanisms like alcohol to get her through it. Amber further noted that it was such pain that would make her stronger in the long run. 

Amber ended her nude posts with a video post of herself getting into the bathtub. In the video she can be seen popping her champagne in the lead-up to her bath, she then disrobes and gets in the tub for a soothing bath time. 

She captioned the video with another message to her fans, whereby she noted that at certain moments all someone needs is to find some relaxation in order to cope with some stresses of life.

Some of her fans took to the comment section to share in Amber’s pain, as they noted that she seemed depressed. 

Some took the time to let her know that all will be well in her life eventually. 

As earlier mentioned, Amber is mourning the death of her best friend, Empresal, who was laid to rest recently at her parents' home in Subukia, Nakuru County. 
According to a report by Mpasho, Empresal's cause of death was hinted at in her eulogy, when the family stated that she had been suffering from significant back pain before her death.

"On that fateful day. She complained of severe back pain and she took medication only to later collapse during the night and was rushed to hospital when she was pronounced dead on arrival."

She was involved in a collision along Nanyuki highway in 2015, and she has been suffering from a spine injury ever since. She has been treated at a number of hospitals and underwent spine surgery in 2017.

Her health worsened, prompting her to seek additional treatment. She underwent a second spine surgery in India in 2018. She's had regular check-ups and medicines for back-related issues since then.

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