The Richest Businessmen In Kenya

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This is a comprehensive list of the richest businessmen in Kenya to date. Only those Kenyan billionaires who are above a particular threshold are included in this piece since there are many more millionaires in Kenya than just the few people mentioned here.

A wealthy person, as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, is one who has a large sum of money or valuable property.

With a GDP of $70.539 billion, Kenya is the biggest in East Africa and boasts some of the wealthiest people in Kenya.

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The survey found that Kenya has 42 billionaires, also known as ultra-high net worth people, who are each worth more than US$30 million, or around KSh3.07 billion, according to Knight Frank.

It's also worth noting that the Kenyans whose names appear in this piece are worth millions of dollars. Hence why they are referred to as the richest businessmen in Kenya.

Manu Chandaria

Manu Chandaria came in first place, beating even well-known politicians. More than 40,000 people are employed by the international company Comcraft Group, which has operations in 45 countries across four continents.

An immigrant who arrived in Kenya as a child in 1916 and opened a modest supplies shop in Nairobi grew the business into Kaluworks, which manufactured aluminum cookware. Comcraft was born out of such a firm. At the age of thirty-one, after graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a master's degree in business administration, Chandaria returned to Kenya to take over the management of his father's steel and aluminum manufacturing firm, Comcraft.
His group's sales topped $2.5 billion in the past fiscal year. One of East Africa's most generous philanthropists, his Chandaria Foundation has donated an estimated $100 million to the well-being and education of East African children. In addition, during the course of its existence, the corporation has added 37,600 new employees. There is a consensus that Chandaria's net worth is in the $1.7 BILLION range.

He is truly one of the richest businessmen in Kenya.

Naushad Merali

The Businessman and entrepreneur who founded Kenyan mobile service company Kencell and the French media powerhouse Vivendi. When he was younger, he went to Nairobi's Highway Secondary School.

While Naushad Merali was alive, he served as chairman of Sameer Group, a Kenya-based conglomerate that focuses on agricultural and construction, information technology, property, and finance.

He had previously served as chairman and the company's biggest individual stakeholder in Kenya until selling his shares and resigning from the board in 2014. USD 550 million is his estimated net worth.

Naushad was one of the richest businessmen in Kenya.

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SK Macharia

Media magnate S.K. Macharia controls many Vernacular, English and Kiswahili radio and television stations such as Hot 96 and Citizen TV. The Royal Media Company is one of Kenya's most successful media organizations thanks to the popularity of these radio stations.

S.K. has dabbled in a variety of other fields, including real estate, agriculture, banking and even transportation at one time or another. It's reported that he's worth $150 million. In Kenya, his interests may be seen in all of the country's main corporations.

Through his constant reinvestment, SK Macharia has been able to be mentioned among the richest businessmen in Kenya for a while now.

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