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Subjected to cult

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Sauti Sol band member, Bien Baraza has expressed fear for his life after it emerged that he is a subject of cult practices.

Taking to his Instagram page, the singer - who is bald - revealed a report by BBC saying that bald people are likely targets of those practicing cult.

According to the report, police in Mozambique have warned bald people to be careful as they are likely to be killed.

The report further revealed that over five bald people have been killed in connection with the ritual.

"Watu watano wenye vipara wameuwawa karibuni na watu wanaoamini vichwa vyao vina dhahabu ndani yake. Mmoja wa aliyeuwawa amenyofolewa vyungo," the report by BBC said.

At the time of the report, two suspects had been arrested in connection with the crime. They reportedly told the police that remains of the bald people are taken to Malawi and Tanzania for various ritual activities.

The news about bald people being killed for rituals has thrown cold shivers to the Kenyan musician. He has, therefore, opted to seek a compromise so that he can stay safe from the killing.

Bien who has never shied from talking positively about his bald noted that he will soon look for a wig to hide his bald.

He noted that since he feared that he might be a victim of such ritual killings, he will look for a wig as well as enhance his security.

"Shit I need like 10 bodyguards, a couple of wigs, and a helmet," Bien said on his Instagram page.

According to him, just like any other person's life, black people's lives matter too and they needed protection.

"Bald lives matter," he added.

The news about the killing of bald people is a big blow to Bien since he has never shied away from expressing how proud he is of being bald.

Previously, Bien claimed that it was the bald people who normally have the best heads. And of the bald people, he is the one who is the sexiest.

"Bald men give better head, just saying!"
Bien said.

A few months ago when Prince William, Duke of Cambridge - also bald - was named the sexiest bald person, Bien was quick to refute the results. According to the Susan hitmaker, the results were rigged and it was him who deserved to clinch the crown instead of the British Prince.

"I'm absolutely flabbergasted by this news ( that Prince William being named the sexiest bald man). These guys shall be hearing from my lawyers. It has clearly been rigged," Bien said.

The concern raised by Bien that bald people are targets of rituals and their heads are perceived as gold mines has elicited mixed reactions among his Instagram followers.

Some of the followers noted that there was no way his head was having gold in it, instead, they claimed the singer's head had marijuana.

Others noted that it is true that they have experienced being identified as people with gold in the head since they are bald.

Some of the reaction from online users include:

felixjay_z:Akuna venye bien ako na gold ndani ya kichwa ! Mnajua vizuri sana ni bhangi safi 😅

deejay_babu_254: I'm coming for have my jewel bro

kahama.94: My friend has saved me on his phone book as "Gold in the Head."😂😂. . Since 2018
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