Sarah Hassan Taking Over Local TV Screen in Zora, Crime and Justice

Taking over

By  | Apr 26, 2021, 04:20 PM  | Sarah Hassan  | Top of The

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Sarah Hassan is the woman to watch as she is taking over Kenya’s screens.

The acting queen has been in the limelight from her Tahidi High days when she splayed the soft-spoken girl everyone wanted to be associated with.

However, having taken a break from the screen, Hassan has returned with a bang and more appealing gun-wielding prowess, as shown in Crime and Justice.

The versatile actress has further shown a softer side in Citizen TV’s Zora, where she plays the single parent trying to make ends meet.

Her talent is clear, seeing the different genres of drama and crime that she seems to weave through seamlessly.

Crime and Justice, which currently is the most viewed show, and Zora have sought to reignite Kenyans’ belief in local talent.

In the past, the Kenyan movie industry has been criticized for not churning award-worthy content that can feature in the international scene.

But new shows with guidance from old school actors like Paul Ogola, Brian Ogola, Pascal Tokodi, and Melvin Alusa have improved Kenya’s screen content on Netflix and Showmax.

The local media space in Kenya has also played a role in pushing for the consumption of local content to the unforgiving audience. Citizen TV, for instance, is at the frontline in ensuring there is ample airtime.

For the longest time, the relatively prime slot of 7.30 pm-8 pm has been allocated local content on Citizen TV. Hassan’s Zora is currently aired on that slot, having taken over from Maria, played by Yasmin Said.

Part of the evolution of the acting industry in Kenya is having women in leading roles and overcoming adversity.

Hassan plays exactly that in Zora as the single parent trying to bring up a young boy by herself after separating from his philandering father.

But the budding local acting scene has not been without hitches. The Kenyan viewer has further criticized it for having the same faces on screen for decades. To counter this, screen producers have tried to pick other talents from theatre acting, such as Paul Ogola, who stars alongside Hassan in Crime and Justice.

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