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Ringtone Disses Willy Paul

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Musician Ringtone has decided to rain on Willy Paul's parade. The man has been in the spotlight after the news that he was Kenya's most-searched-for musician in the past 15 years.

Since then, many have tried to explain away that small victory, Ringtone included, In an interview with Kelebrity, the Zoea Mawe singer dismissed Willy Paul saying that he was a socialite, while he himself was competing in the big leagues with the likes of Bahati.
Willy is a socialite. While he is trying to be popular as a socialite, I am competing with wealthy businessman like Jimmy Wanjigi. In fact, he is competing with me for clout while I am just living my life.
He also explained that he thinks WIlly is trying to become like East Africa's most famous musician, Diamond Platnumz. Ringtone avered that he was the Diamond of the gospel music industry, telling me,

He is busy becoming Diamond. I am the Diamond of gospel. Pozze even wanted to become like me.

His diss will come as no surprise as the two have been at loggerheads for a few years now. We asked him what he thought of Willy laughing at his recent incident with Robert Alai?

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He explained that Willy had thought that Ringtone's fight with Alai had been a joke but promptly apologised after finding out he had indeed been injured.

We also spoke about the singer's alleged trip to South Africa for specialised treatment after his incident with Alai. He said that although Kenyans were suspicious that he hadn't been in S.A, he had indeed gone there.
There is something called, connecting flights. That is the reason I was in Seychelles. Also, I can afford to go to South Africa for treatment.
He also added that many Kenyans were jealous of the love and adoration he gets. That was the reason they kept attacking him for living his life the way he chooses.


Ringtone also spoke on his search for a wife. A few years ago, the controversial singer staged a much-publicised stunt where he kept on begging and asking Kenyans to help him get a wife.

During an interview on Upclose With Betty, the Talanta singer told her the exact qualities he wanted in a wife.
Now that Kenyan ladies are ignoring me we are going to go out to the road.  There’s something I have been doing secretly. I’m surprised no one has noticed yet.
He also espoused his own qualities saying, “I am very handsome, romantic, caring, God-fearing, I’m a very good person."

He was ridiculed for it but he insisted that he was serious in his desire to get a wife. Since then, he has been silent on his search for a wife, with many wondering what had happened?

Kelebrity put him to the task. The singer simply blamed Eric Omondi, saying that the man had hijacked his idea with the comedian's Wife Material show.

We here at Kelebrity wish him the best of luck in his search for a wife.

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