Did Ringtone Rape More Women?

Bridget reveals it all

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Businesswoman and socialite Bridget Achieng alleged that gospel artist Ringtone had raped her a few years ago. There has been a lot of controversial responses from both men and women with some questioning if the mother on one is clout chasing.

But in a response, Bridget has stood firm in her accusations and added that there are 6 more women who the gospel singer sexually assaulted. She did not reveal the alleged victim's identity.

“I travel around the world and I don’t see other countries justifying rape the way our men go out there and they start justifying rape. It’s not funny… Right now someone’s daughter is lying critically ill in the hospital but men are going live to spit nonsense… I’m coming in as somebody who has been in the same situation in my life.

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"I went out to meet this man Ringtone. And I put my life in Ringtone’s arm, thinking this man is going to help in my career as a musician and as a choir girl. He told me, come to my house. And this man took advantage of me. I’ve never talked about it…” said Bridget.

Ringtone also responded and rubbished the claims adding that they were fueled by hate. Bridget Achieng on Monday took to social media accusing Ringtone of raping her about seven years ago. Following the allegation, Kenyans took to social media to bash the singer accusing him of hypocrisy and being arrogant.

Responding to the Kenyans, Ringtone noted that he was not where he is at the moment because of their support. According to him, his current status is all because of God.

Ringtone argues that a lot of people cancelled him in the music industry on different grounds, but he has remained relevant by the mercies of the God he serves.

"Kijana wa Yesu nimsafi, Kijana wa Yesu ako na class ya wale watu ambao wanaweza muingelesha kitu. Kijana wa Yesu niko na standard, sometimes msinilinganishe na vitu sijui zinakaa aje. Mimi ni Kijan wa Yesu, ingekuwa ni kwa sababu yenu nyinyi amabo mnaniongea ningekuwa nilikufa nikasahaulika. Lakini Mungu amewazidi akili…hamnigusi niko na Baba” said Ringtone in part.

Xtian Dela exposed Ringtone in 2020 after video vixen Shakilla claimed to have slept with Ringtone, among other big Kenyan celebrities. Ringtone recorded a video, saying that he will pray to God for gay men to rape Dela. Xtian became vile and swore to tear Ringtone apart since he has loathed the “Pamela” singer for the past 13 years.

Dela gave a background on how the two came to know each other. Over 47,000 people were on the Instagram live expose! His late father helped Ringtone by elevating his career when the two were still young. Dela’s late dad was a pastor so he gave the singer a platform. Apparently, he fed him and gave him shelter at most times.

When Dela’s father passed away, Ringtone allegedly vanished. He ‘never sent even a condolence message.” Dela struggled to rise on his own, and at one point when he met Ringtone in town, the singer acted like he did not know him.
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