Ridiculous Request From A Tahidi High Actress

Wacha kutuboo!

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If you were a Tahidi High fan, then chances are you remember mama Jimmy. She used to work at the canteen and used to run errands and favors for the students sometimes. In her latest interview with Hiram Maina on youtube, she suggested that she needed help to get a visa so that she can move to the United States. 

Most fans feel like her statement was just a by the way while many think that she was actually asking for help, indirectly. In the interview, the former actress revealed that indeed she had secured a temporary work permit but the only thing that is standing between her and her dream is a visa. The actress revealed that getting the visa has really been hectic for her and so she would appreciate it if someone would step in and help her.

The actress then said that she is not going to ask for help from Kenyans since she is aware that most people all over the world are trying to survive the pandemic
. Jobs have been lost and people have died. She said that she is currently in the plot selling business in Juja and if anyone wanted a piece of land, they should contact her for more info. 

Since her clip went viral, this is how some Kenyans reacted. 

Why do I feel like people are taking advantage of Kenyans generosity? Anyway such is life

We as Kenyans really need to come through for her and financially facilitate for her VISA

Kwani wakenya ndio wanapeana Visa,....hawa celebs nao wamezi.....US embassy is incharge of work permit, ulipata job kwanza ukakosa visa.....the company you are going to work for should assist her in she needs, earth is hard

Kenyans in USA are always in frustration . There is nowhere good in this world. Some Kenyans have always regretted traveling to countries like Saud Arabia and USA. But every dog has its day. Let her do the best.

Let's do this. The whole Tahidi high crew we name it BEGGARS ASSOCIATION. This is too much now. We are also financially crippled.

Do you have an interview at Hollywood?or a USA work permit?Or maybe you have s job at Kenya Embassy in Washington? Good luck otherwise kaa hapa Kenya kama sisi wengine....because we all dream of that US VISA

Kwani sisi wakenya ni ministry ya migration akwende huko hiyo ni kuomba doo tu.na wenye huenda saudia arabia hawajawahi kuomba passport si awaulize huwa wanatoa wapi visa alaa!

Visas are issued at the American embassy. Wakenya wanaingilia wapi?

There was a debate going on that there might be a Tahidi High curse going on. So many of the actors and actresses from the show have come out to ask for help. With the latest one being Omosh’s case. His request was taken well by Kenyans the first time he asked for help. However, the minute he asked for help the second time, Kenyans did not take it lightly. Anyway, Omosh got a new house from a good Samaritan. Fans warned him against selling it.


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