Redsan's Biography: Dancehall Artist Making Africa Dance

A major figure in Kenya that keeps making all the right moves.

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Redsan-Kenyan Dancehall Artist
Because he is constantly traveling abroad, “Absentee” Dancehall King is a well-known contributor to the Ragga and Reggae industries. For more than two decades, Redsan has worked in the music industry.

After being discovered on a talent contest, Redsan has made sure that things aren't the same for Kenyan musicians by launching his own record company with the goal of nurturing the country's talent.

The musician was previously detained on terrorist allegations, but he was eventually released after an investigation determined that he was not guilty. He is a Kenyan activist, philanthropist, and motivational figure for aspiring and established musicians.

Redsan Age

Redsan was born on the 1st of May in 1981. He is 40-years-old.

Redsan Family

Swabri Mohammed was Redsan's birth name. He was born and reared in Majengo, Nairobi, Kenya, in the informal housing sector.

The artist grew up with an interest in various instruments and a love for Bob Marley's music, which drove him to learn reggae and ragga music. He is presently one of East Africa's most well-known ragga and dancehall performers.

Redsan Marriage

In 2012, Redsan married his long-time Kenyan wife Viverz Mohammed. The couple has four children together. He is a private individual who wants his family to be able to enjoy their privacy while also being protected from cyberbullies.

Redsan Career

Redsan's career began in 1998, when he won a talent contest held at Nairobi's Carnivore discothèque. Following the competition, the musician focused on his profession and began work on his debut album.

While working at Ogopa DJs, he released his debut album Seasons of the San in 2002. Julie and Wanipa Raha, two hit songs from the album, catapulted him to fame in Kenya's and East Africa's music industries.

Redsan continued to concentrate on his craft as his fame grew, and he began to be known internationally for his musical talents. As a solo artist, he began working on his music and recorded his second album with Southwest Records.

After that, he went solo and published his second album, which included the popular song Bageya. Chameleone, a Ugandan artist, was one of his collaborators. Chicken and Malaika, both released in 2004, were among the hit tracks on Red's album. Apakatwe, one of his songs, was the most popular on the country's major radio stations.

In 2006, Redsan released his third album, Pioneer, which had successful tracks such as Kenyan, which gained the most attention. Touch, his song, was the second-most-played tune on the radio.

Following the release of his third album, Redsan embarked on a tour of numerous African countries as well as Europe. Because he is usually on tour, Redsan has earned the moniker Absentee Dancehall King in the country's media.

Dutty Sounds

After the release of his third album in 2006, Redsan founded his own record label, Dutty Sounds.

He signed a number of singers in the country who specialize in Ragga and Reggae music, which Monalisa produces. Redsan's international reputation grew as he continued to travel the globe.

Redsan continues to write all of the songs he performs while touring the world as an artist and musician.

Demarco, a Jamaican singer, partnered with Redsan on a remix of his smash tune, Badder Dan Most. The remix helped him acquire additional airplay and widen his musical horizons.

He got a music deal with Pan Africa music company Rockstar4000 after demonstrating his potential to the world and becoming a well-known Ragga performer.

Redsan Business

Redsan is the owner and manager of Dutty Studios, which is currently regarded as one of the country's premier record companies, cultivating the abilities of aspiring musicians to express their love for reggae.

Redsan hired Maich Blaq, the former head producer of Southwest, to help him maintain the expansion of his company. Proff, who released his single, Nataka Nijue, under the record label, is one of the musicians he has signed.

For six weeks, the single remained at the top of the Kenyan charts. Data, his second single, reached the top of the East African music charts numerous times. To keep his record label's high-level airplay, Redsan is continuously checking out new music and possible performers to ensure that his business thrives.

Redsan Philanthropy 

Redsan is a member of the Musician's Community, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating poverty and raising HIV/AIDS awareness throughout Africa. They are in charge of raising global awareness about the hazards of HIV and educating society about safe measures that can assist people avoid contracting the virus in their daily lives.

Redsan Controversy

The Anti-Terror Police Task had previously detained Redsan. After being arrested on suspicion of helping terrorists, the artist was escorted to the Nairobi police station and interviewed.

The artist was arrested and spent the night at the Central Police Station before being taken to Kilimani Divisional Headquarters with his friends.

The musician's entourage had arrived at the Nairobi International Trade Fairgrounds to perform, but they refused to be inspected, according to the police. It's thought that one of them was seen with a gun, which led to their detention - and that they were mistaken for criminals.

"We had to search the group for the safety of people who were there. They refused to be searched and drove off, which raised the suspicion of the police," said Kilimani OCPD Peter Katam.

Following an investigation, it was discovered that the member who was found with the gun was a legal gun owner.

After the release, which took place the next day, Redsan described his experience "It was a negative experience that taught me about the other side of justice. We are not terrorists, so we hope our names will be cleared. We demand that the police respect us like Kenyans "After being cleared and released from the Kilimani Police Station, Redsan stated.

Redsan revealed the truth about what happened between him and Bebe Cool, the Gagamel boss Moses Ssali, and how he felt deceived by him. When Redsan went to Uganda for a visit, Bebe Cool allegedly dumped him when an event promoter broke his contract.

Redsan had always regarded Bebe Cool as a friend, and even a brother, yet he felt betrayed by someone close to him when this happened.

Redsan Net Worth

Through his contributions and tours throughout the world, Redsan is estimated to be worth $3 million. As his business grows, so do artists in Kenya and importantly, his bank account.

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