Raila Odinga Declares Mejja His Running Mate

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Former opposition party leader Raila Odinga is clearly a fan of Kenya’s music. This is after he made a statement regarding Tabia Za Wakenya, a hit song by Mejja.  The ODM leader took to his Twitter and said that the song was playing somewhere and that is how he got a chance to listen to it. He went ahead and praised the singer claiming that Kenyan artists are really talented. He wrote:

Mejja’s Tabia za Wakenya hit was playing somewhere this morning and it got me thinking it is true!: Masaa na mkenya lazima atachelewa lakini sherehe?!…..Our Musicians are really creative. Wonderful week ahead fellow countrymen!

We don’t know who is in charge but definitely, that was not the former Prime Minister who wrote that. That is not how he talks. Whoever it was, if their plan was to make Raila Odinga trend, the plan worked. Since then, fans have spoken and made fun of the tweet, claiming that he is only after votes. We all know how politicians get when the election period is nearing. They would literally do anything to gain popularity and have Kenyans vote for them when the time comes.
Elections zimeanza?

😂raila baki tu ajue sheng😂

Raila haezitweet hivo walai!😂

Welcome to kenya inaitwa hivyo

Manze waambie baba😂😂

🔥🔥 reggae has stopped.. gengetone take

Baba amesema 😂😂😂😂

Ampee kakitu ka venye ruto hupea wengine😂😂

The former Prime Minister is not the first one who has tried such a stunt. Early this year, Deputy President William Ruto invited a number of artists in his home in Karen to discuss the way forward since the clubs and events were shut down due to the pandemic. 

After Corona hit Kenya, there were a lot of changes. Almost everyone was hit hard. But, truth be told, the entertainment industry was among the worst-hit industry, not just in Kenya, but worldwide. Vocal rapper, Khaligraph Jones reached a number of certain politicians including the Deputy President, who by the way, was the only one who responded to Khaligraph.

The visit did not sit well with all artists. They felt like all the Deputy President was trying to do was to gain votes by trying to paint a picture that he actually cares about the common mwanachi. Artists like Octopizzo and King Kaka were not pleased. They took their feelings to Twitter to announce how disappointed they were that the artists actually believe a word that the DP is going to tell them. 

Apart from Khaligraph, King Kaka is vocal as well. He wrote an entire song trashing a number of politicians and how Kenyans are dumb for believing them. He took such a bold step to criticize Kenyans for being hypocrites. He talked about corruption and how the country is being run by thieves and not leaders. The song landed him in trouble as he was at some point detained at a police cell. The song came after President Kenyatta hired retirees instead of focusing on the youth. 

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