Phoina’s Expensive Gift To Amber Ray

Can your friend even?

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Phoina is busy! Busy choosing the most expensive perfume to gift her friend. Phoina and Amber Ray are the new best friends in town. If these two need a third member for their team, then, I volunteer!  Amber Ray couldn’t help but praise Phoina on her Instagram stories after she gifted her a perfume worth twenty four thousand Kenyan shillings. These two have been hanging out a lot lately!

Amber Ray and Phoina

Sometimes it is difficult to take time out for or friends. No lie, everyone has a busy schedule, so busy that we forget to check (or gift) our friends. But for Phoina and Amber Ray, they’ve managed to keep their bond strong as ever!  From night outs to gifting each other with the most expensive gifts. These two are serving best friend goals. 

It is safe to say that they are..soul mates? Think about it. Amber Ray has never had a really close friend that she parades on social media apart from Phoina. Just the other day, Phoina took it to her social media to thank one of her friends for sending her random cash. Immediately, Amber Ray went to her Instagram and asked her fans to ‘send her money’ and within minutes, she was already sending MPESA screenshots on her stories. Thanks to Phoina, she got herself extra money on that day. As much as Amber Ray and Phoina are making us feel jelly with their friendship- I mean, I literally want to third wheel- their friendship is still new. Before, Phoina and Annerlisa Muigai were close. The three even hang out once in a while until- let me refresh your memory.

Phoina and Annerlisa 

Before Amber Ray came into the picture, Phoina and Annerlisa were best friends. Until Phoina decided to take a picture with Omar Laali. Omar was the prime suspect after Tecra Muigai, Annerlisa’s sister was murdered. Tecra and Omar were engaged at the time. Immediately, Annerlisa went on Instagram to express her disappointment in Phoina. She talked about her sister and later wrote, and that’s it for our friendship. Immediately, fans speculated that she was talking about Phoina. It’s no coincidence that she talked about her sister after Phoina posted the video with Omar.

Friendships are sometimes special. They start blooming from the beginning. Like Amber Ray and Phoina’s. They recently started their friendship and it seems like the bond just keeps getting stronger. By the way, what is the most expensive gift you have ever received from your friend? It looks like Phoina is already setting the pace. Can you keep up? We would love to see their friendship grow into something beautiful.

Apart from Amber Ray and Phoina other celebrity friendships include Kamene Goro and Jalango. Ever since they started working together, the two have become inseparable. They are not shy to express support towards each other on social media. Patricia Kihoro and Sharon Mundia is also a duo that makes me question the kind of friendship I have with my best friend. From taking trips together to organizing picnics together. 

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