Pascal Tokodi, Grace Ekirapa Expecting

Congratulations to the happy couple

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Pascal Tokodi & Grace Ekirapa
Celebrity couple Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa made a major announcement recently as they revealed to fans that they are expecting.

The star captioned the photo with a heart-warming post, in which he noted that a place in his heart he never knew was empty had just been filled. This news just warmed our hearts here at Kelebrity, we are glad to see the year getting off to such a good start.

The news won’t come as a shock to their fans, as the two have been serious with each other for over a year. In fact, they celebrated their one-year anniversary just a few months back.

At the time, Pascal Tokodi shared a photo of him and Grace Ekirapa and captioned it with Happy anniversary to the one I want to annoy for the rest of my days. One year down, and followed it with a love emoji.

As for Grace, she marked the occasion by posting a photo of her and Tokodi with the caption, to many more babie. Immediately, their fans poured congratulatory messages to them asking them how they did it, honestly, same, I want to know as well.

Did we already mention here that we can’t do more than six months in a relationship? But here were these two, already celebrating one year already, away from celebrity scandals. Seriously, kids, this is the kind of couple that you are supposed to look up to.

None of them have trended for the wrong reasons. It is always Grace showing up at her show and Tokodi being Nelson for the better part of the day, see, it is possible to be a celebrity and still be away from scandals. So how did these two celebrate one year of being in love?

They went to Lake Elementaita Mountain lodge and shared some of the most amazing photos ever! The pic that Pascal shared was of him with Grace in a swimming pool.

He took the pic and Grace posed behind him, sparking the pregnancy rumors even more. Fans started congratulating them with some asking how far they are.

It seems like the ‘are you pregnant’ questions have been bugging Grace to a point she told her followers to stop asking her when she will be bringing a child into the world. She said, when the time is right, she is going to have her first child.
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