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She has another surprise

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It's absolutely mind boggling to see how much progress we have made as a society. Back then, being a member of the LGBTQ society was so taboo, they were often forced to marry people of whom they weren't in the same s****l orientation because the African society could not stand such 'slander' all in the name of dignity and preserving our 'heritage'.
Even though it is by no means perfect and poorer members of the LGBTQ are still prosecuted on a daily basis in more rural areas of Kenya, it is way, way more conducive for them now than it was back then. Not only are the LGBTQ considered productive members of society like everyone else, but they are also given the right and freedom to attain wealth, set up businesses, have social media accounts featuring their statuses. It might not sound like much, but trust us, it is!

Speaking of going higher up in a society in the name of being LBGTQ, one of the most prolific celebrity members of the LGBTQ has come out with a second surprise that she has shared with her fans!
Makena Njeri, the businesswoman and the rumoured girlfriend Michelle Ntalami the CEO of Marini Naturals has just announced the commencement of her very second event hosted by her firm Bold Network Africa!
The event will be happening on the 11th of this month, was an event dedicated to ending Pride month in style, an occasion which she terms as a hangout for queer people or people of a different s****l orientation and supporters of their union where they can simply go and hang out amongst themselves and enjoy!
The event, which Makena charged between KES 1,500 to KES 2,000 was not just the place she chose to dedicate to the launching of her firm, Makena also sold her new beer, a craft beer called Bold Beer which she must have done simply to add an extra flair of 'bold' to the whole shebang.

Her first event was said to have been extremely successful, with tickets reportedly selling out in a matter of days and the beers which she announced on that same day selling out in a matter of hours.
Granted, this event was purely meant for people of the LGBTQ to celebrate their pride. However, some drama arose a short while after.  On social media, other LGBTQ members rallied against Makena, telling her she was by no means interested in pursuing a higher means for LGBTQ people but instead was seeking to elevate herself financially.
According to them, Makena could have done real substantial things in this pursuit but choosing to set up an event where she earns millions was not going to help with anything. They also said that poorer members of the LGBTQ in Kenya were the ones creating changes in society.

Their claim may be true, admittedly, because well, it is the poorer LGBTQ members that are really being prosecuted mercilessly by society. 

What do you think of her BOLD events? Will you be attending?
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