Nabayet Heartbroken After Otile's Visit

Turmoil is too much

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Days after singer Otile Brown visited her in Ethiopia, Nabayet has come out to express her heartbreak of the current happenings.

Otile Brown's girlfriend took to social media to express her displeasure with the current happenings in her home country, Ethiopia.

At the moment, Ethiopia is facing a series of wars in the northern Tigray region.
Nabayet. Photo: Instagram

The Ethiopian beauty queen noted that her country is currently witnessing the murders of children and the elderly.

"My heart breaks for the people of Ethiopia as innocent civilians ranging from small children to the elderly are being senselessly and the entire villages are being displaced out of fear and destruction," the biomedical scientist and researcher wrote on her Instastories.

Following the destructions in Ethiopia, Nabayet said she will be donating USD1 million to provide meals for those who have been affected by the ongoing wars. She also encouraged her followers to join in and extend their help to the Ethiopians.

"I will be donating $1 million to provide 2 million meals through the United Nations World Food Programme and encourage those who can to please give as well," Nabayet said.

Nabayet's heartfelt message comes days after her Kenyan boyfriend and RnB singer Otile Brown flew to Ethiopia to spend some time with her.

Last week, Otile revealed that he was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Nabbayet by posting a picture of him and the  girlfriend having a good time in Ethiopia's capital, Adis Ababa.
Otile Brown and Nabayet in Ethiopia. Photo: Instagram
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