Jovial And Otile Reunite After Breakup

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By  | May 17, 2021, 10:31 AM  | Otile Brown  | Top of The

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Otile Brown and Jovial have reunited two years after they broke up for confidential reasons.

The two have put their differences aside and are currently working on a music project together.

Taking to his Instagram page, Otile Brown revealed that he is in the studio working with the Jovial on a new music album.

Jovial. Photo: Instagram

Jovial also confirmed that she will soon release a new song she has done with Otile Brown.

Jovial's revelation comes after a fan asked her to drop a song with Otile.

"Drop ngoma Jovial...with Otile again," a follower said.

Responding to the follower, Jovial said; "Trust me iko ready na ni kalii."

The new song comes the two parted ways in 2019 for unknown reasons. According to Jovial, she agreed with Otile Brown that they will never tell the public why they split.

"We had agreed that our split is very confidential, but it's not something big. People think it's very difficult for a female artist to work with a male unless there is a love relationship, but between Otile and I, there wasn't anything like that," Jovial told World as reported by the Star.

Otile Brown. Photo: Instagram

"I wouldn't want to talk about the confidential things because they are in the contract, but we parted ways on good terms," she added.

Otile and Jovial have previously worked on various songs including Amor and Zichune.

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