Did Otile Brown Just Buy A 200K Belt Like Vera?

Pesa ntakupata wapi wewe?

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Otile Brown
Fresh from his performance in Baharain, Otile Brown went to do some shopping, and let me tell you something Maina, he spent a good one.

The star took to his Instagram to reveal that he went on a shopping spree while in the above-mentioned foreign country. Otile shared footage from the shopping spree which showed him walking out of a store with a few bags.

The singer might have made some good money from his performance in the country as he went on to flaunt one of his expensive purchases on his follow-up video. In the video, Otile was listening to some rap music and rapping along to the lyrics when he lifted his shirt to reveal that he was wearing a Gucci belt.

The belt is certainly expensive as a quick search of the product online shows that it costs anywhere upwards of Kes 48,000. What a big money to spend on such a small item. Life, however, is for the living so go ahead and continue living it up Otile. 

His belt reminded us of his ex-girlfriend, Vera Sidika. This is because she has something similar. According to her, however, her belt cost a whopping Kes 200K. She revealed the price of her belt because a fan questioned why such a celebrity would put on a belt twice.
Vera noted that the reason she put on the belt twice was that it cost her a tooth and a nail. She further noted that she would wear it until the end of time. It’s good to know that celebrities also feel a pinch when they spend money frivolously.

Did Vera make Otile famous?

When it comes to Vera and Otile, the pair dated for a while but had an ugly breakup. Fans, however, have noted that Otile Brown achieved his level of fame because of being associated with the popular socialite.

Fans were recently debating whether Otile would be the star he is today if it wasn’t for dating Vera Sidika and using her online influence to propel his singing career.  

This all started when a tweep stated that Otile went on to be a success after he started dating Vera. He added that Brown Mauzo, Vera’s husband, is a good example of someone’s star shining from being associated with the famous socialite.

Another fan echoed his statement and added that Otile’s most successful video was one that featured Vera. The tweep further pointed out that it was the singer’s first video to surpass 3 million views on YouTube.

The song that's being referred to here is Baby Love, which he released 3 years ago at the height of his relationship with Vera. The socialite was the video vixen in the song, and it seems the fans believe she is the one who made it a hit.

Otile’s fans, however, weren’t having any of this and gave some good counterarguments. One noted that Otile has gone on to do great things, after they broke up, while Vera hasn’t achieved a fraction of the singer’s success.

Other fans just simply disagreed with the claims that Vera made their favorite singer into a star. Read the full article here.
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