Omosh; The Man, The Menace (PART 1)

The real story

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Omosh has been the man on the news for the longest time, but for reasons, not many would covet.
As it is commonly said, fool me one time, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!
Admittedly, the faces he has put on for the public have been more than just interesting; they have been alarming.  The very first time Omosh came onto our screens was years back, when he, real name Joseph Kinuthia was fondly referred to as Omosh, the hilarious school janitor that did all but make the show one of the most interesting shows of the age back then in Kenya,
Although celebrities were not necessarily rolling in money as much as they are today, they were still highly regarded as the people everyone knew. And so, Omosh, was once upon a time, one of the social elite.

However, a long time after that and after Tahidi High was long gone from our TVs, Omosh made an entrance once, more, but this time, he was not rolling in Doh, he was wallowing in deep poverty. How come? many people asked. How come that one of the very few people in show business that actually had a good footing in the industry and had a good number of loyal supporters was back home in ushago suffering in deep poverty? And even worse, he was even deeper into alcoholic addiction. The Omosh we once knew and loved, was not a shell of a man that was beaten down and controlled by the thing he used to cope with his difficult life -alcohol.

At this, as we were expected to do and we dived into fully and wholly, we lunged at Omosh with love and adoration for admitting to his failures and coming for his former fans help. He admitted even he didn't expect a hit. within a span of a few days, Omosh went from a lowly man with no shilling to his name to a multi-millionaire with a piece of land in a coveted place and a house he was being built for free, never mind food with tens of thousands of shillings and a business set up for him, down to a mode of transportation. To cap all that as well, he suddenly got over 50 thousand followers on Instagram and was well on his way to becoming an instgram influencer! Kenyans plaid their dues to him for making their childhoods much brighter when they were younger, and they came for him fully blown with love and the kind of comfort only a Kenyan could provide; money.
Done! We all thought it was going to be alright from this time onward, we believed he was going to straighten out his life from that out.
Until he came forth once more and said he needed more. The millions he had received was done and dusted in a matter of weeks. He said he needed a camera, a tripod stand, lights and a mike! He said he didn't receive all of the money that Kenyans sent to him in drives and he needed more His problems were too big.

Kenyans were simply stumped at this. They couldn't believe it. The man that they had sorted out with all of the money that anyone could need to establish themselves in their life was all gone and he had nothing to show if it. 
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