Nyota Ndogo Squashes The Fake Reports

She sets the record straight.

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A few days ago, Taarab pop artiste Mwanaisha Abdalla alias Nyota Ndogo shared this pretty picture of herself on the beach. She’s all smiles in a fitting black dress and bare feet in the sand. She looks happy and relaxed. But for some reason – maybe because the dress was a tad to tight around the middle – fans started congratulating her on being pregnant!
One of the fans commented with, "If it's what I am thinking, may God be with you always." 
Another posted, "MashAllah. Kitoto cha kizungu chaja (Praise to the Most High, a foreigner is coming home)”.
Speaking to the Standard Entertainment and Lifestyle, she clarifies that she isn’t pregnant. According to the singer, every woman’s stomach bulges out at times. It’s completely natural. It especially happens after waking up. It’s definitely not a baby. She said, “I can't say I'm pregnant when I'm not, I can't say I'm not if I am.: She’s a mother to two children already – her son Mbarak who is 16, and her daughter Barka, who is 9 years old. These two are from a previous relationship.

Nyoto Not Happy?

In a recent social media post, Nyoto posted a picture of herself in a car. She was looking very pretty but the caption said otherwise. She had written ‘Not happy’ underneath.
Her concerned fans commented on the picture with,
“What's up girlfriend?”
“Why my baby?”
“Umenikumbusha mbali haki na nyimbo ya madilu system @nyota_ndogo @caroluoch I miss you. Yawa and my crew.”
Looks like she has some new things cooking up though. She regularly posts updates on her Instagram to keep her fans updated about what’s going on in her life.
Nyoto is usually such as inspiring and positive personality. We hope to see more from her as soon as we can. Maybe she will soon drop some new music? Otherwise, she is frequently in the news for defending her husband, who is a Dutch national. Nyoto had shared that they were trying for a child but to no avail. Although this time it was a false alarm, perhaps there will be some good news in the future. Till then we are watching her social media for any signs of a new addition to her musical collection, or to her family.
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