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Nyashinski opens his heart

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Of all the sectors that are said to be struggling in the country, you must admit, the entertainment industry seems to be the most not just neglected but the most overlooked and underloved in the country. Many a time we have witnessed threads on Twitter and Instagram explaining their grievances as to why the Kenyan music scene has never really grown; when our neighbours are going to becoming international award winners or how our neighbours (the likes of Diamond and Wiz Kid) have done huge collabos with people like Beyonce yet we are still shooting music videos with our mobile devices and restricting music pay on the air!

Kenyan artists have given this complaint their best take for the longest time... the hardworking people we get as entertainers have never stopped giving their best even when they feel utterly disappointed and let down by their government.
Another one of these artists is Nyashinski who has taken to today to reveal just how tired he is of the system and how much he wishes it was all different. 
 The multi-award-winning rapper and songwriter Nyashinski took to his Instgram a moment ago to give his fans a glimpse of how he felt. 
 He said;
"While I encourage us to stay safe during this time, 
 It is important for the government to step up and support the events industry.
 I have not performed for more than one year now and I was really looking forward to seeing you all this Saturday. 
 It is unfortunate that the made in Kenya concert has been postponed yet again due to the permits from the government.
 Our leaders should try a strategy to support the events, entertainment, and all the struggling sectors.
 peace and love."

The pandemic has been the most challenging time for people all over, but mainly for people working in the entertainment industry.

It is quite obvious, really, the fact that they couldn't perform, there have been reports of artists recording remotely from their own homes, and not to mention the era of performances on Instagram and youtube live which really was the one moment in this whole thing that brought a little bit of familiarity (and even then, they weren't all that great because they were free and artists have to eat too!)
Now with the easing of the rules and gathering laws set firmly in place, people have been more and more excited to start attending shows and events, yet as you have seen, they have been few and far in between due to roadblocks after roadblock by the government.
Nyashinski is not the only person to have spoken out against the government when it came to standing up for the entertainment industry and what it entails. Nonini has been out to express why he believes the government does not do enough and Daddy Owen has been known to state why he thinks the same way too.

Granted, the government is highly bureaucratic and any process involving them is for sure bound to take longer than necessary, but investing in the entertainment industry does not seem like a bad decision. 
What do you think of Nyashinski's statement? 


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