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Long served as a Chairperson of the royalties board in Kenya.

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Nonini is regarded as one of the music pioneers in Kenya with his 18 years experience in the musical industry.

He served as a chairperson for the Performers Rights Society of Kenya and continued to uplift artists' music through his record label.

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He is known as the father of his 44 children in a non-government organization and he hopes the boys can have male role models by bringing more male artists in Kenya to work with him.  

Here's Nonini's biography.

Nonini Age

He was born on the 2nd of October in 1982. He is 37-years-old.

Nonini Family

Nonini was named Hubert Nakitare at birth.

The musician grew up with an interest in music and had an opportunity of a lifetime when he signed with Calif Records.

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Through his dedication in becoming a giant musical pioneer, he earned the nickname, Godfather of Genge (Mass Music) and he became one of the countries most influential artists. 

Nonini Marriage

Nonini was married to the beautiful gospel singer, Lady Bee. 

The two tied the knot in 2010 and they had a son together. Nonini and Lady Bee were blessed with a baby boy, Jaden Githara Nakitare who was born on the 7th of May in 2012. 

He has been showing his outstanding parenting roles as he also changed his lyrical content to make music which he is comfortable for his son to listen to. 

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The artist however is very private when it comes to his life. He and Lady Bee got a divorce and now Lady Bee is rumoured to be married to another artist in Kenya.

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Nonini Career

Nonini started his career after signing with Calif Records in 2002.

He eventually left Calif Records and joined Homeboyz Production.

It was then that he released his debut single, Nonini Ni Nani?  The single which became a banger and earned him recognition in the Kenyan urban music industry.

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In 2002, he released his second song, Manzi wa Nairobi, which gained him recognition and which became one of the most played songs on the national radio stations.

He then had a follow-up single with Weh Kamu

After two years of working on his craft, the musician released his debut album, Hanyaring Game in 2004.

The album was a success with major singles such as Keroro, which is slang for beer in the country.

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He has also collaborated with artist Nameless to create "furahi-day" which was considered a Friday national anthem.

He worked with Juma Nature an artist from Tanzania on the song Nani Mwenza which became a regional hit.

Nonini Awards & Nomination

Since his debut in the music industry, Nonini has been consistent with his music and has been continuously releasing smash hits which are appreciated by his fans. 

Since he opened his record label, these are the following awards that the musician has won:  

2004 – Chaguo La Teeniez Award

2007 – Chaguo La Teeniez Awards 

2007 – Kisima Music Awards 

2008 – Chaguo La Teeniez Awards

2008 – Kisima Music Awards

2008 – TV Africa Music Awards 

2008 – Pearl of Africa Music Awards for Best International Afrobeats Act in the Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television and Arts 

2012 – Award for the highest played Artists Across all media stations in the Music Copyright Society of Kenya Awards 2012 

Nonini Businesses

Nonini runs a video production company named "Pro Habo Entertainment, which successfully gave rise to P Unit.

Through Pro Habo Entertainment, Nonini brought together artists like Bonnie, Frasha, Gabu and they recently signed Jegede as well.

He is also a radio presenter.

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Nonini Philanthropy

Nonini is a philanthropist who co-parents kids at an orphanage with Wamaitha Mwangi. 

He announced on his Instagram in 2018 that he was going to reveal who his baby mother was, and he posted:

“Founder at @angelcentrekenya. Yes, I’m a #BabyDaddy to 44 of her kids. I mentor two boys at the centre under a new programme they are launching to help us reach out to the boy children at the centre. Angel centre is looking for men to come to volunteer their time to the boy child. They have unfortunately been neglected. This is a call to all my brothers out there, come join me Sunday 9th December and let’s make a difference in these boys lives! Details to be communicated,Nonini announced.

This was an invitation that he sent to Kenyan male figures to take part in and assist in parenting the homeless boys for the betterment of their lives.

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Nonini Controversy

Nonini found himself in hot water regarding royalties with fellow producer, Bobby Mapesa.

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In Bobby Mapesa's explanation of the situation he said,

"Nonini should give me my royalties for Mtoto Mzuri. I was the executive producer of the song and I paid for studio time. I don’t know why he wouldn’t pay for it. Maybe he was just being shady about it. It almost cost me my relationship with the studio I was in. I had to pay from my pocket, but we shared the cost of making the video."

Bobby posted on social media and explained the situation as he claimed that he had paid for all the studio sessions that they had in the build-up of Nonini's song, Mtoto Mzuri.

Bobby furthered his statement by explaining that Nonini is Prisk (Performers Rights Society of Kenya) chairman and he claimed that as a representative, Nonini should know better in terms of royalty distributions to artists.

In his response Nonini said, 

@HitsNotHomework @PUNIT_KENYA
how you call yourself mapesa na rent hauwezi lipa na bado uko route 11. Sina time. Ongeza bidii ndio tuongee

Nonini Net Worth

Nonini is estimated to be worth over $8 Million. This is through his record label, being a radio mogul and through his music, where he has been active since 2002.
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He continues his journey as a musician, a father to his son and continues co-parenting at the orphanage. He is a businessman also sells customised face masks and has received numerous support in the Kenyan society.

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