Njugush Outs Rogue Politicians.

Perfectly explains Kenyan lockdown outrage in 2 minutes.

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The former The real Househelps of Kawangware cast sensation turned mega social media star/comedian Njugush took to his combined 3.7 million followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to express his displeasure at the Thika Roadblock episode that occurred on Saturday night with a mock video skit that went viral early yesterday.

In the video captioned 'Baby Kiongozi' that has since garnered over 370k views on all platforms, the comedian is seen acting as a little boy who won't let others into his home compound but can't help himself from boasting of a feast being put together inside even though the onlookers can smell the sizzling Chapatis in the air, hinting at the inner workings of the government that few know of but many suspect. In a subsequent post, the comedian took another sarcastic jab at the government and its civilian supporters with a caption that went;
"Nchi yetu ni nchi ya ajabu. But at least  our president drives himself Yeeey! Super cool"
The roadblock exercise seemed to grind many Kenyans' gears as many of them took it as an added insult to injury especially when they think about the lost livelihoods and suffering that the now month-long lockdown has driven into the top 5 counties with most of them taking to social media to expel their grievances.
@optiti_calvin 8pm curfew? On a walking nation? Where her people live from hand to mouth? Must work to barely survive n feed his/her family? Then wewe unakuja unaiinjika roadblock hio 8pm? Nini inasumbua makarao n leaders hii Kenya?
@Muchekes i still find this 8pm curfew and the lockdown so punitive, especially in the metropolitan where we stake 50% of Kenya's GDP, we dont have quality hours to do trade, we need informed policies and intervention procedures put in place to allow us to do business and have livelihoods.
@koriramos31 we need to redeeem our country back to civillians . So roadblock stopped corona spread? whatever i see in Kenya is pure stuidity of the highest level. #UNLOCKourCOUNTRY
The dad of one is now well known for his hilarious metaphorical takes on politics that tend to bring the humor out of government-brought conditions that #KOT prefers to aggressively speak out about, starting from his thought-provoking Halaiki skit that poked and prodded the since-approved BBI vote by comically questioning the motivations of Kenyan leaders that supported it, another video that went viral.
Since then, there have been talks on the Kenyan twitter space of a revolution in the dark being organized by fed-up citizens threatening anarchy and seeking to abolish the lockdown altogether. This, however, has been mostly met by straight-up, no's with #KeyboardRevolutionaries making the rounds on Twitter.
@ongondo_ If kenyans want change in Kenya, thats not gonna happen on Twitter and on Facebook. Many of those who want a revolution to take place are Keyboard Warriors! #KeyboardRevolutionaries
@Cemutai_254 And, btw, if a revolution happens in Kenya, those who are living below the dollar will be affected the most. Dont let the middle class land you into trouble.
Despite that, a small majority are all in with the hashtag #BringontheRevolution lurking in the corners.

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