Njugush Joins King Kaka, Nyashinski In Kenyan Plight

They really understand us

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In response to Kenyans incessant cries, celebs are not just in support, some are full-on rallying in partnership with Kenyans on the ground suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown directive.
Here are three of the most proactive and assertive celebrities seeking to pass on information to Kenyans by hook or by crook.

1. Njugush

To some, he is known as a depressing communicator expressing the realities of day-to-day life as a Kenyan, to others, he is the humorous comedian who tells Kenyans in the Mashinani the truths about what really goes on in political rallies, television interviews, and political events and agendas but to most, he is the satirical comedian/influencer who with the help of his small family drives agendas far and wide through a media many prefer to utilize.
from Halaiki to Baby Kiongozi, Njugush has made a point to put his political views on the widescreen for everyone to ready, including politicians who some believe may be a threat to his and his Family's safety. Nonetheless, the former The Real Househelps of Kawangware cast member trudges on, doing what he believes is right. 

2. Nyashinski

The multi-talented MTV and AFRIMA award nominee has been known for producing deeply touching music with lyrics mimicking spoken word since he came back from a 10-year hiatus with music in Delaware and released instant bangers the likes of Malaika and Mungu Pekee.
recently, the 35-year-old released three hits on his Youtube Page as a birthday gift to Kenyans titled Goals, Top Form, and Whoopty. 
On his Twitter page, the artist dedicated his three jams to Kenyans finding themselves in low spirits after the lockdown and COVID-19 situations arose

@RealShinski my goal is that despite the hopelessness that people may find themselves in, we can still find hope in each oher by being lights and pillars of hope.
Some of the lyrics to Goals say; 
"penye nia panafaa kuwa njia
hapa iko na nia lakini manjia
zimefungwa na curfew
na by the time jua inatokea 2 Billion imashapotea
watu wako hopeless"
Showing that he understands Kenyans on a personal level and resonates with their problems despite being a mega superstar in the country for over a decade and a half.

3. King Kaka

The Wajinga Nyinyi hitmaker is known for integrating his lyrical prowess with his music and artistry.
Over the pandemic, the dad of 1 has been busy creating music calling out corrupt politicians, releasing banger back to back with titles in the aggressive league of Unaogopa Corona Ama Wewe Ni COVID Billionaire, Utanipata featuring Kristoff and Tunajua Ganji the most recent and straight-out risky release.
"unajua nani ako na gun, nipatie gangi mi naishia
najua nani ako na gun na pia nani ako na njora"

-Tunajua Ganji, King Kaka
proving relevant to Monday's gun scandal that sent #KOT ablaze on Twitter.
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