You Be The Judge!! Singer Nadia Mukami With Or Without Makeup Is A Scam Or Not?

Natural or artificial look? Pick one

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Female entertainers normally end up in the trolling pedestal after sharing their makeup-free photos on social media. 

In many cases, fans end up protesting after getting a glimpse of their favorite singer in natural looks only to realize it’s another what-you-see-versus-what-you-get situation.  
Well, singer Nadia Mukami who is behind such bangers as “Tesa”, “Radio Love”, and “Kesi” recently shared a clip on social media while out-and-about having not worn any makeup. 
Nadia Mukami. Photo: Instagram/Nadia Mukami

From the word go, she knew trolls might follow. Luckily, it didn't happen. 
The singer posted the video expecting a thrash but instead got nothing but affection from her fans who confessed she was still beautiful. 
“Short hair or nah,” she captioned the video.
Nadia Mukami. Photo: Instagram/Nadia Mukami
In the video, she goes on to reveal people might troll her for nor wearing makeup but she's not bothered. 
“Kidogo Kidogo utaskia oh, Nadia Mukami without makeup is a scam!!. What? I feel so confident today.”
It might have worked for her, but a lot of female entertainers have been mercilessly trolled after pulling a similar stunt. 
Singer Avril, socialite Vera Sidika, journalist Janet Mbugua among others have been mocked badly after sharing their makeup-free photos online. 
"Stop shaming girls and guys going through the ups and downs of having problematic skin who chose or want to wear makeup," said Avril after Twitter went HAM on her on seeing her natural looks. 
For Mukami, things worked out just fine. Here’s what fans said:  

Eish babe you look so fine😍😍
brian_zamir Eish🔥
ras_babah Looking hot.. sisi ni wale was team nachuralli

Very beautiful without make up
evonnetsaid Whaaaa❤️❤️❤️imagine uko supu
silaw.sang Unakaa funny😂😂❤️
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