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Not so long ago, rapper Nadia Mukami suffered a setback after her hit jam, ‘’Tesa’’ went missing on YouTube. The jam which she had worked on with other top acts like Fena Gitu and Khaligraph Jones suddenly went missing off the internet to their dismay. It had only been up for a few days and already gannered thousands of views which was very disappointing.
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This has however not taken away from the fact that Nadia Mukami keeps winning and her positive energy will always pay off. She has gone ahead to prove that despite all the factors that might be against her including her young age, independence and the huge competition from legend in the music industry, she has still been able to hold her own and thrive.

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The young rapper has kept pushing her music career competing with the biggest stars and as they say, ‘’If you can’t beat them, join them, ‘’ working and collaborating with them to put her music up their and compete favourably overall in the entertainment industry and it seems her hard work and brilliance has paid off.Nadia’s recent collabos; Chomeka featuring Susumila among others earned her a seat at the high table flooring the likes of Tanasha Donna, Vivianne, Femi One who have been in the game for way longer than she has.

She has shared  screenshots of the top female rapper ranking on her page, where she tops the list in 2 categories , hottest Kenyan female artist and  hottest female artist in Kenya where she beats  a couple of other big names even in Tanzania.

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