Nadia Mukami Shows Off Baby Bump

Singer shows it to the world

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"Sio juju ni maombi" as she quotes it in her song, it seems God has worked miracles for African popstar Nadia Mukami.

On Friday, the singer took to her social media account to announce she will soon welcome a new member to her family.

Taking to her Instagram page, Nadia revealed that her makeup artist, Carey Priscilla, whom she described as a sister would son welcome her child.
Nadia Mukami. Photo: Courtsey

Nadia noted that she will love and spoil the child once it is brought to the world.

"Auntie Mukami loves our little bundle of joy πŸ’• We gonna spoil that babyπŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•," Nadia assured her makeup artist.

In her congratulatory message to Carey, the "Radio Love" hitmaker said the makeup artist was " a hardworker and one who stays on her lane".
Nadai Mukami's make-up artist, Carey Priscilla. Photo: Instagram

'My Bestie, my love, and my hardworking Makeup artist! Seen you move from make-up artist wa kukuja na nduthi to owning your own place! If I was asked to describe Carey, I would say a hardworker and someone who stays on their lane," she said.

When Nadia was confronted by fellow artist, Gabiro Mtu Necessary, with the question of when she will have her own child, she said she is praying about it.

"Hey, Auntie Mukami when am I being an uncle? Mtu Necessary asked.

"Mmmh let’s pray 😁😁😁😁," Nadia replied.

The present event comes two years after singer Nadia Mukami was forced to confront the public who accused her of being pregnant.

The rumors began after she posted in a long sundress which the songstress rarely put on.

To shut down the pregnancy rumors Nadia said: "For the last time, I am not pregnant... Today's comments kwa TL na DM ni hiyo swali... I just happened to wear a maxi dress to change the norm!" she said.

When the time is right, God will bless me! Not Now!" she added.

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