Mulamwah Reveals Staggering Cost Of His New Mansion

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Last week, Mulamwah flaunted the incredible progress of his multi-million shilling mansion under construction.

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The comedian wrote at the time, "Pole pole tu , cheza na pace yako . Tusiwa , dharauliwa , dont give up . Wewe Jua tu mahali unaenda , Weka mungu mbele , tia bidiiii ♥️♥️🙏🙏 . Atlist saizi ukijam unaenda upstairs."

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Now, in a Q&A with fans, Mulamwah has revealed the staggering amount the construction has cost him so far. When a curious fan enquired, Mulamwah dished that he has spent close to Ksh 5 million so far. "Building is expensive AF," he sighed after revealing the exact records that he spent Ksh 4,894, 776.
Still, when Mulamwah showed the progress of his future house, fans took to the comments to congratulate him. "Huge step. Boss move. Congratulations Yankee," said one fan, while a second one wrote, "I'll continue clapping for others until my day comes...congratulations konki." Another fan commented, "Congratulations Mulamwah proud of you."

Mulamwah eyeing Sandra Dacha?
Will Sandra Dacha be the woman of Mulamwah's new home? Well, the comedian was recently spotted hilariously shooting his shot at the plus-sized actress.

Mulamwah and Sandra left netizens talking after a video of Mulamwah making advances toward Sandra Dacha emerged. Dacha posted the video on her Instagram with the caption, "Wewe kijana mdogo unadhani gear ya vitz na ya Range rover vogue zinatoshana?🙄 Mimi sio bestie! Unikome ama nikupeleke icu😹😹🤣🤣"

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To which Mulamwah responded as he countered her saying he is up to the task. "Haijalishi ukubwa wa Lorry , nafaaa ya dereva ni ile ile."

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This came weeks after Dacha hinted that they went separate ways with her comedian boyfriend Akuku Danger. Sandra told a story of a friend who stole her boyfriend sometime in 2022. The actress did not reveal the identity of the said friend or the boyfriend's identity. 

Many however speculated that the man in the story must be comedian Akuku Danger who was said to be dating the actress last year. 
”I will one day tell you a story of how last year in August just before elections, I found out a lady I considered a friend was dating a guy we had started having a ka thing with, "she wrote. 
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Sandra went on to write that she was the one who had introduced the friend to the boyfriend, but she did not know that she would later betray her like that. 

"She chest thumped that she can never answer me and that the man was never mine.  Mind you she met him through me as we hang out together. Let me tell you, Maina, I crode To cut the long story short, Women are their own worst enemies…never ever lose a friendship over a man. "
This is not the first time a rumor about Akuku Danger cheating has surfaced online. A while ago Sandra Dacha called him out for a related reason.
Former Aunty Boss actress left netizens talking after she put her boyfriend Akuku Danger on blast, shaming him for cheating. Well, this appeared to be just for fun but looked like a lot of people bought into it.
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