Mulamwah Lands A Radio Job


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Mulamwah Lands A Radio Job
After a series of dramas with his baby mama a few weeks ago, it looks like things are starting to align for comedian and content creator Mulamwah. 

This afternoon the comedian has given some good news to his fans that he has now joined radio as a co-presenter at Milele FM. In a post, the content creator made on his Instagram page, Mulamwah said that he will be coming on air every weekday from 1 PM to 4 PM. The comedian will be hosting alongside Meshack Jillani.
In his announcement, Mulamwah has thanked his fans for always believing in him and his art and encouraged all those who feel like things are not working out right to not lose hope but keep on giving their best. 

" God is great, finally on the radio - milele FM. It has always been my dream to one day be on the radio, thanks to all konki fans who always believed in me and supported me in my craft from scratch. To everyone else out there, always do you. It doesn't matter what people say or think about your art, just focus and give your best and let God work on the rest. Hoping for the best & longevity in this new career. Tune in Monday - Friday 1 pm - 4 pm and experience mulamwah in a whole new dimension. Blessings. I love yah team konki," he wrote. 

His fans have flooded his social media pages to congratulate him on a well-deserved opportunity.

Despite all the drama he has been taking us through, the comedian's career has been steadily rising. Just after the relaunch of Churchill's show Mulamwah has been one of the comedians featuring prominently in the program.

At beginning of this year, the comedian went on social media to inform his fans that he had started building a mansion back in the village. 

One thing most people do not know about the comedian is that he has been a sharp student regardless of what he portrays on social media. 

In a past interview at Switch Tv, the comedian revealed that he got an A- in his secondary school final examination and that propelled him to pursue nursing at the Moi University.

Well, he does not practice what he studied in the university but Kenyans can bear witness to his wits after he took us all on a drama with his baby mama Carrol Muthoni to an extent of even accusing her of abortion only for it to turn to be a clout chasing plan which had everyone convinced, and had him trending for days. 

Now with the comedian on the radio on daily basis, his fans can't wait to hear what he will be having in-store in terms of content. 

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