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Ridiculously expensive

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Heh! Being rich must be nice! Don’t you think so? Asking because I wouldn’t know. Different people work extremely hard to make sure that they get to live the kind of life that they would want. sometimes, people go the extra mile to get that paper, however, sometimes, they get a little bit way too much.

A good example is our celebs. Sure, celebrities are known to have this larger than life type of lifestyle but truthfully speaking, some of the things that they are ridiculously expensive for no reason!

Honestly speaking, I have asked myself so many times if these celebrities are sane because how? Let’s have a look at some of the most expensive items owned by celebrities.

Diana Marua’s hair 

If you know Diana Marua, you probably know that she always has perfect hair oh and the nails, but let us just focus on the hair today. Diana Marua recently shared a pic of her beautiful hair and of course, she had to give credit to the team that was responsible for her look.

She pointed out that her hair is thirteen thousand Kenyan shillings. Some of us here, we get to buy braids at one hundred shillings but still go ahead and cause a scene about how the price is high! What can you do with thirteen thousand shillings? That’s probably your house rent, right?

Mulamwah’s shoes 

In May this year, Mulamwa flaunted the pair of his Louis Vuitton shoes that are estimated to be about one hundred and thirty thousand Kenyan shillings. As he turned 28, he shared his red bottoms and chille! They were Louis Vuitton. Kuna shamba mahali ya hiyo bei right? But Mulamwah has decided to buy a pair of shoes, viatu ambavyo vitakuja kuisha. Heh, okay, kwa raha zake.

Annerlisa Muigai

Annerlisa lives the princess kind of lifestyle. You see that soft life that you are manifesting, well, Annerlisa is already living it. She shared a photo of pink Swarovski encrusted shoes that are estimated to be one hundred thousand Kenyan shillings. 

Okay, are these people using this amount on things like shoes! See my life! The most expensive shoe that I own are just eight hundred shillings and trust me I had to bargain with the seller. 

Betty Kyallo 

On her youtube channel, while she was active, Betty once shared her shoe closet and revealed that the most expensive shoes that she owned were seventy thousand shillings, and she had to kinds so that means, she spend around one hundred and forty thousand shillings. Talk about lanes!

What is the most expensive thing that you have in your closet? Anything that is beyond five thousand shillings? Maybe ten? These celebs are clearly spending amounts equivalent to my house rent plus that of my friends, two of them! 

I guess that is what it means to be a celebrity. You have to go all the way! Even I fit means going all the way, I mean, buying the most expensive shoes and hair ever. 

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