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Celebs who smoke weed

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The technique of puffing power and imbibing booze has been relegated to men and a select few 'outcast' females.

However, the world is changing indiscriminately, which means that nothing remains the same, even women's smoking habits.

This trend is slicing through the most prestigious female ranks, allowing gorgeous girls to smoke and drink, then 'misbehave' in public!

What began as a shock is now becoming the standard, and only time will tell how much more will be normalized.

Let's have a look at celebrities that have been around for a long time and are known for consuming alcohol and smoking weed.

Bien-Aime Sol Baraza

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist Bien-Aime Sol baraza is another that has also come out openly to call for the legalization of Bhang.

His love for the drug has seen him mention it in a number of his songs. In his most recent album Bald Man album, Bien has a song called Mbwe Mbwe that features Aaron Rimbui, where he says, β€œWasha Kitu Shetani Ahepe” - a clear reference to the herb. In another song, 'Yes Bana' that features Khaligraph Jones, Bien says 'Marijuana pon di corner, mbogi mzima inachoma, inatupandisha chopper' - another reference to bhang.


More than once, Sol Generation star Bensoul has been seen puffing marijuana in his now dormant episodes of Munches Monday.

He is also one of the artists who have come out strong to call for the legalization of the drug in the country.


Octopizzo is a big fan of kush, and he has some great photos of him puffing on a joint.

The Kibera rapper has only recently begun to let the whole world know that he's smoking weed. In the past, he didn't tell the internet that he was a Maryjane believer; perhaps he just started recently, but he's now a weed smoker. His photos depicting him smoking the kushung peng deserve to be displayed in a house somewhere, because they're kickass out of this world.


The singer/Socialite has been described as a drug addict, and most smokers are also drinkers, so if she puffs, she must be drinking.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah has been seen smoking and drinking. Kenya's most beautiful socialite appears to have left no stone unturned in her social life.

Yvonne Rida

Another chain smoker, Yvonne Rida, who was once featured in Nairobi diaries, had no concern of being photographed while smoking.

Noti Flow

She's probably preparing cannabis sativa at this exact moment, ready to get high and then probably fly over everyone else.

The singer and socialite is a natural at her own game, both at home and on the road!

Michelle Diyer

The idea that beauties can come clean and share such photographs, and even go so far as to ask for a dowry for males they assume to be from Mars, is new.

Barak Jacuzzi

Barak Jacuzzi is a rapper who loves his motherland. After being raised in America and rubbing shoulders with the country's upper echelon rappers, he decided to return home to pursue his dream of being a rapper, which he has accomplished and continues to do so.

That being said, Barak Jacuzzi isn't afraid to tell the world that he enjoys using marijuana, which is a tendency that most rappers are known for, as we've already established.

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