Miss P's Hidden Talent

Not just a pretty face

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Miss P has been trending for the past two days after her exit from Saldido International record label which is owned by Willy Paul. Miss P came to the limelight after she was featured in the song, Liar, by Willy Paul. A lot of newbies have graced our screens but very little is known about them. True, we love their music, but very few people try to find out more about them. If you are a fan of Mss P, well, consider this your lucky day because here are a few things you didn’t know about her.

She is talented

For sure, she is. Have you heard her vocals on liar? Can you hit those notes? One reason why liar was a hit was because of how she perfectly executed her part in the song. Watching the video, you couldn’t tell she is a first-timer. You would think that she has been in the music industry for a long time. In all her music videos, she is bold and confident. 

She has foreign accent syndrome 

Miss P has this accent and you’d think she hails from the coast. But that’s not the case. She revealed to presenter Ali that she has foreign accent syndrome that makes her so good at any accent. To us, we’d like to call it a talent. The singer revealed that she can speak so many languages so well. We hoped the interviewer would give her a chance to show us something but sadly, he didn’t. What a bummer!

She is a fighter 

Part of the reason why Miss P is trending is after her exit from Saldido International. Her exit was messy since it came with a lot of accusations that were directed towards Willy Paul. In her trending interview with presenter Ali on youtube, Miss P revealed how she went through a lot but still she is here, stronger than ever, and able to tell her story. She revealed that she suffers from depression. In her second song, fall in love featuring Willy Paul, she was battling anxiety, but then again, you couldn’t tell. She executed her part very well.

She is 22 years old

You wouldn’t have guessed right? How can someone this young be so talented? True, there are so many young talented people in the world but Miss P’s is on another level. Miss P revealed that she is working on a new project and that she will be picking up from where she left. As of now, she doesn’t want to be signed by any record label however, the singer revealed that any artist who is willing to work with her can slide in her DM.

It takes a lot of courage for one to come up and talk about an issue without the fear of being judged. From the interview, Miss P was so confident and didn’t sugarcoat anything. She spoke her mind without having to care what people are going to say afterwards. We wish her all the best in her new phase and we can’t wait to see what she’ll drop next. 

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