Milly WaJesus Shares How She Lost Her Virginity

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Milly WaJesus is a popular Youtuber who released some scandalous details recently. She admitted on a live Q and A session that she wasn’t a virgin when she met her husband. While she was recording, numerous fans out of her 680K followers asked her about her V-Card for some reason. Finally, she obliged them and revealed that she had lost her virginity before meeting her hubby.
Will this even cause a blip in her shared happiness with the two men in her life?

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Curious fans getting personal

One fan asked, “Did you break your virginity before meeting Kabi?” To which she said she’d lost it before the two met. She revealed that it had happened in an extremely embarrassing way. When asked to spill the tea, Milly declined and said that she might share the story one day. If she gets the confidence to talk about it.
Another nosy fan asked if she had waited until marriage to get intimate. She replied yes, when she met Kabi, they had waited until marriage. 

Yet another fan asked, “Have you ever cheated on your hubby?”

Milly Wa Jesus answered: “False. That would be very ungrateful of me. God has blessed me with an amazing gift in Kabi Wa Jesus. He is the man of my dreams and I am content with who he is and who we are. I would never by the grace of God.”

How did Milly and Kabi meet?

Are you wondering how these two love birds met? In an interview with True Love Magazine, Milly said a mutual friend had introduced the two while Milly was in form two. Apparently, her then-boyfriend had introduced them. They had gone on two double dates, Milly with her boyfriend of that time, and Kabi with his girlfriend of that time.

After this, they lost touch but reunited while in university. They became closer to each other and eventually got married in December 2017. They now have a one-year old son called Taji.

The two look more in love with each other than ever. Recently, they were spotted kissing in public. Milly also pulled out all the stops to celebrate Kabi on her birthday. She put his image up on a billboard, and she even bought him a new Audi!

We love this couple and feel like they give us some major goals. Even though they’ve been under scrutiny in the past over faking their alleged wealth – we don’t really mind. As long as they keep giving us positive content to devour! 

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