Michelle Ntalami's Bff Addresses How Makena Njeri Hurt Her

She’s got her back

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Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri
Popular entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami’s Best friend Niyati Patel has given her opinion about Michelle and Makena’s relationship noting that she saw Makena cause Michelle a lot of pain during their time together.

Niyati made this revelation during a question & answer session with her followers on Instagram. She had put her followers on notice by letting them know that she was in the mood to answer all their questions and as always fans were ready to go. 

One fan took the questions to the next level as they asked Niyati what she felt about Michelle’s ex (Makena Njeri). She noted that she and Makena are not as close as they used to be.

Niyati noted that the reason she has lost the taste for Makena Njeri is that she used to put Michelle through a lot of pain. She further explained that because it was hard to see her friend go through all the pain. According to Niyati, however, she has no ill feelings towards Makena.

Niyati was asked about her sexual orientation. It seems she was really ready to answer any and every question as she noted that she is a straight woman, unlike her best friend who revealed that she is androsexual; meaning that she is attracted to men or masculine energy.

The next question, as you would expect, was a Michelle Ntalami related one as a fan asked whether the two were dating. Niyati jokingly noted that she was not Michelle’s type. She further added that even though they are not dating they consider each other life partners.

Michelle co-signed this and noted that even though Niyati isn’t her type when it comes to dating, she is her type when it comes to everything else.

Other fans noted that they really admired her friendship with Michelle, to which she noted that it takes time to cultivate a good friendship or relationship.

Digging deeper into their relationship, another fan asked how the pair met. Niyati noted that they met 10 years ago while working at an advertising firm and they have never looked back ever since.


The two best friends are also business partners, Michelle is the CEO of Marini Naturals which is a Kenyan-owned haircare line founded by two friends; Michelle Ntalami and Niyati Patel.

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