Mi Hata Sina Gari - Kinuthia To Fan Who Accused Him Of Faking It

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Crossdresser Kelvin Kinuthia came out guns blazing on Tuesday, January 23, 2023 after a fan accused him of living a fake lifestyle on social media.

The fan, who is yet to be identified, took to their social media account and said that they do not understand how certain celebrities are able to be moving into new apartments every time after a short period of time.

In the post, the fan went on to mention Kinuthia stating that these celebrities all have the same fake lifestyle that they portray to their fanbase. The fan concluded his post by brushing it off and stating that it was indeed none of their business.

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“Moving to a new apartment kila saa you wonder, reminds me of this Kinuthia guy, same fake lifestyle but anyways, it's not our business.” wrote the fan.
Kinuthia responded to the fan and refuted the claims made that he is living a fake lifestyle. He added that it was ironic and the only reason he posts his life on social media is to make himself happy and give motivation to fans.

The crossdresser mentioned that he wonders what these kinds of fans will say when he actually gets the money as he is currently broke. Kinuthia went on to say that, in his opinion, he is the realest influencer and youtuber there is.

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“Sasa huyu akisema nafake na vile sina pesa, sasa nikipata atasema nini? Wueh guys me putting my life on social media is to make myself happy and to motivate others. Sasa kufake na sina hadi gari. Mumgu nibariki waweze kusema sasa nafake vizuri sasa. I am the most realest youtuber and influencer, PERIOD”
"Now if this person says I fake it yet I don't have money, what will he say now if I get it?" Wueh guys me putting my life on social media is to make myself happy and to motivate others. I don't even have a car. God, bless me so that they can now say. I am the realest youtuber and influencer, PERIOD” responded Kinuthia.

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Recently. Controversial businessman Jimal Roho Safi complimented Kinuthia on what he is doing and wished him all the best in his career.
In a screenshot that Kinuthia posted, JImal praises and admires what Kinuthia does and exhorts him to keep going, saying that eventually it would all add up.

“Keep Pushing, you are doing great, Don’t stop. Love what you do, with passion siku moja itajipa.” wrote Jimal.

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As Kinuthia shared on his Instagram stories how inspired he felt after receiving the text, he was unable to contain his happiness. He claimed that hearing such a message from a successful person gives him a lot of encouragement.
“Waking up to such a text from someone who has made it in life gives me so much strength. Waaah, thanks so much Jimal Roho Safi, it has encouraged me so much.” wrote Kinuthia.
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