Meet Carrie Wahu, The Sexy Babe Kenyans Can't Get Enough Of (Photos)

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If you are an avid social media user, like myself, then you have probably come across the name Carrie Wahu or her photos on your feed. If you haven't then you are must be living under a rock.

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Many people, men and women alike, can't seem to get enough of Carrie, who is one of the most sought after online content creators, because she is stunning.

Initially, I also didn't seem to understand why people kept talking about her. I thought it was a wild infatuation but with time, I came to see why. Everything about Carrie is to die for.

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If gorgeous was a person then it would definitely be this lass. If you have no idea how she looks like or don't know much about her, then you should take your time to stalk her on her social media pages.

According to some people, Carrie is the most beautiful woman to ever walk on this planet and I agree with them. I mean, have you seen her?

Hardly a day goes by with someone obsessing over Carrie, especially on Twitter, - where she always has a difficult time keeping Team Mafisi at bay.

On the other hand, most ladies are always afraid that their men will leave them for her and are always keen to find out how she got so many men smitten with her.

Here are some sentiments about Carrie Wahu.
If you've been wondering why people have  been talking about Sprite lately, it is because of Carrie.

She is one of the influencers for the soft drink and somehow, she has made more people to like it even more.

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