Marya Prude Remembers Her Daughter In An Emotional Post

Her child did exist

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If there is one strong woman, that would definitely be Marya Prude. As a woman, she has already been through a lot. Marya Prude took to her Instagram to let everyone know that she has a child and she did exist.
Marya Prude has been living a positive life lately. She is not letting negative energy stop her from being who she really is. She recently added an IG story to state that people should stop writing fake news about her. She added, if we didn’t hear it from her, then she never said it. In case you are living a boring life and sometimes you feel down about yourself, have a look at how Marya Prude lives her life and how she has managed to emerge a winner despite all the things she has been through. 

Living free

If there is a celebrity who knows how to party, I will have to give it to Marya Prude. Have you seen her pics from all the Amapiano events? Baby girl is living life to the fullest. If Marya Prude wants one for her team then, I volunteer because we are dying to be in the pics that she shares now and then from the event. From the photos, you can see how happy she is. She has been through a lot but that does not mean she is going to dwell there.


If there is someone who is going to motivate you is you. Marya shares quotes on her social media and for sure, you can learn a thing or two from them. One that really got to me was the one she shared about self-love. According to the post shared by Marya, the most important thing is to love your life, talk pictures of everything, and tell people you love them often. Marya says, have a life, and make it the best story ever since we are not here for a long time.

Stop dwelling in the past

Whatever has happened has happened. No matter what you do, you will never go back in time. Marya Prude lost something important in her life. For sure, it is not always going to be easy but that does not mean she was going to have teary eyes all the time. She has accepted and she decided to move forward, you should too. Dwelling in the past will only make you stay there, you won’t progress in life. 

Marya Prude came into the limelight after she married Willis Raburu and immediately, she became everyone’s sweetheart. She still is. About a man in her life, she had an exclusive call with Kelebrity where she revealed that she is single and the qualities that she looks out for in a man. I’m pretty sure most men here are going to look for that article to see whether you fit her standards. Ha! Good luck with that. We admire Marya Prude’s strength and girl, some of us camp on your Instagram for those motivational quotes and we love them. Keep doing you!

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